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Bias Deck and Peak DAWs

Has anyone here used either of these? I downloaded the free versions tonight and have been messing around with them for the past few hours. So far, they seem to be pretty deicent programs. I also downloaded Traktion earler today too. Im re- deciding which DAW i would like to purchase at the moment because i have just recently decided not to go with Cubase SX. From what i have read, it doesnt seem like it's stable enough for my liking on OSX. Also, lots of other programs seem to be a little sketchy on OSX at the moment too... maybe not though, maybe there's something I'm missing. I feel like every time i decide on a DAW, i read more about it and learn that it might not be such a wise investment. Any input would be appreciated.


anonymous Wed, 06/02/2004 - 04:46

I use Peak 3 on my G4, and Peak4 on osx in my mac G5.
I also have TC Spark, so I have used the VEbox off Spark as a plugin on Peak and it works magic.
The only problem that I dont like on Peak is that it needs 128 cycles of a sample to find start and end points. That's not going to affect what you do, but as I am a SF developer, we work off very small cycles.
It's a nice application and I like the display and tools. Has a great batch scsi dump utility as well.

gdoubleyou Wed, 06/09/2004 - 07:02

Deck is limited to 16bit only, most audio interfaces are 24bit you wouldn't be able to acces the headroom that the interface is capable of. No midi support.

I'm using DP4, and Logic Audio6 on OSX with no problems.
Also take a look at Traction and Live 4 when it arrives.

If you get Peak make sure you get the full version, the lite version lacks some crucial features.

I suggest DSP Quattro for an editor.