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cant sing and play seperatly!

Hi Folks, i have a problem with recording vocals and guitar seperatly, i know i get a much better vocal track if i dont play the guitar at the same time, but if i do i can never get the guitar right when i play back over my vocal, are there any tips or tricks for this? thanks in advance.


blaumph2cool Sun, 02/11/2007 - 13:26

4-Practice, practice, practice.

It might seem too obvious to do, but it will help. Practice until you can play the song in your sleep.
also, practice playing your guitar and just humming to the song, then practice playing with out humming out loud, but hum in your mind.

Different things work for different people, but you can never practive too much.


zemlin Sun, 02/11/2007 - 16:03

IMHO, it depends on what you mean by getting a "better" vocal track. If it's because you're singing better, then all of the above apply. If it's because of bleed, experiment with mic techniques to get better isolation. Figure 8 mics can be great tools for this. There are numerous threads about this already.