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changing active pickups with some other ?

i have an Esp ltd deluxe, it has two emg 81 active pickups. when i got the guitar it had 10s gauged strings. and the treble tones were pretty high, i use just a vamp2 and a small fender bullet amp (i guess its quite old amp, used bought) i turn all its eq setting to zero and use vamp2 to create sound;

i lowered the treble and bass to zero (i don't need it to heavy so bass is much better at zero), less then half mids level and lesten the presence pretty much as well and gain a little more than half level but still got treble. But

now recently i changed the strings with 11s and on the vamp settings
trebble and bass is zero a little bit mids level and presenece is more than half level.
i get a pretty good sound now but one big problem is the pick noise it picks is too much for me, when the gain is maximum or even around half.

so i ask whether active pickups can be replaced by any other type of pickup.
we don't have any guitar techs available in our city; country i should say. so i'll probably do it my self if i have to change them.


anonymous Fri, 11/03/2006 - 06:19
Pick noise is more a technique issue and/or a relationship between the pick stiffness (or softness) and the string gauge and how firmly you hold it. Changing pickup height helps but, it's NOT a solution, it's a band-aid remedy for improper technique.

Of the many elctric guitars I use there are a few with EMGs, including one that was custom made with EMG's help which has 5 of them (two 81s and a Strat set). I don't get pick noise even with high distortion setting, live or in studio. Incidentally, you can change the attack sound by using picks of different thickness and materials. Each recording situation will require a specific combination of string gauge and pick thickness but, that's another story.

When using a distorted setting pick noise can occur of course but, if your attack is fast enough (that is, you hit and release quickly) and you hold the right pick firmly the noise will be very, very minimal, if at all noticeable.

Another thing that can affect pick noise is how loosely you hold it between your finger. If you are holding a relatively stiff pick too loosely it will make noise, especially with distorted settings. For sure.

Experiment with different picks and hold it tightly while applying a quick attack. The noise should go virtually away.

Kapt.Krunch Sun, 11/05/2006 - 04:14
You may also double-check to see if your V-Amp settings have compression enabled, and if so, what the settings are.
You're probably feeding a slightly hotter signal into the front of the V-Amp than with passive pickups, and depending on how the compression is set, it could be helping to produce more attack and pick noise.
I have a Tele with 3 EMGs, and the same compressor setting through my CS-1 or Dynacomp sounds and acts a bit different than with one of my other Teles with passive pickups. I can get some really poppin' chicken-pickin' with it set right.
Just something else to possibly consider.
Could be a combination of a bunch of things.


Scoobie Sun, 11/05/2006 - 07:56
I agree with Digit that it is more of a improper technique than anything.

Something eles to think about, When I change strings( 10's to 11's or what ever) I have to set my guitar up again. It changes the intonation
alittle and I can hear it.

Talking about Chick'n pickin', I went to a audition about 25 years ago. For a temp country gig at Opryland in Nashville. I went with my LesPaul and a Marshall amp. (And all that Hair) Other people there too audition had Tele's and fender twins looked at me like I was crazy.
They were suprised when I got the Job. Technique means alot when playing guitar.


P.S. I even hated country Music Then.

Deusx Mon, 11/06/2006 - 11:56
i don;t have compression enabled on the vamp2,
actually it's been about 5 years that iam playing guitar and in the past two years i found out what i should be practicing and how, in the beginning my pick attack was very light, and i used to use 1.5mm pick, but for the past two years i am using . dunlop 3mm pick. i've improved my picking since then. and i don;t really hold the pick very tight.
and my guitar pickups are pretty high, i did it because of my pick attack.
i do alternate picking and on maximum gain even playing slow with the notes i get this kind of sound "chik chik or chuk chuk" .
if gain is not the problem and technique is then i would certainly try to improve it.




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