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Concerns about the M Audio MobilePre USB...

Hi, I've been doing some browsing to try and find the best basic setup to get me started on home recording, and I have a few questions that I would appreciate being answered :)

1. I plan on using Cubase and the MobilePre USB. Does anyone have any experience or know of any possible problems that might arise from this combination?

2. I'm still unsure about a mic. I have a pathetic amount of money (under £300 for all the hardware), and so after reading a previous post on a similar topic I was looking at the Studio Projects B1 as a condenser. (I will be recording demos for a band, meaning vocals, miking up amps...and unfortunately a drumkit...through one mic :|

However, this review of the MobilePre

tells me that the mobilepre will ruin the sound of a condenser mic, yet copes well with a dynamic mic (namely his Shure SM58).

So, I'm undecided. I could get the B1 and run the risk of awful sound because of the MobilePre.

I could get both a B1 and an SM58 to cover my bases (I will be needing a live mic soon anyway so the SM58 might not be a complete waste of money).

Or I could just get an SM58 and pray that would be okay for recording.

An added bonus is that with two mics I could record in stereo.

Does anyone have any experience with MobilePre and condenser mics or have any idea whether this reviewer knows what he's talking about?

I would really appreciate any feedback at all that you can offer :)


David French Tue, 01/25/2005 - 15:41
Sounds odd. I've used their pres on their other products (Audiobuddy, Omni I/O) and have never heard what he's talking about. Condensers sounded ok through them, not exactly breathtaking, but definitely not "like a kazoo". I assume that the mobile pre would use the same pres as the other similar devices, but I really don't know. Lately i've been recommending the MobilePre to people based on this assumption. I hope i'm not wrong. I suppose it would help to contact M-Audio and find out if the pres are identical to the ones in the Omni I/O. If they are, your condensers won't come out "squalid". Maybe that guy got a bad one somehow.

Member Thu, 01/27/2005 - 10:45
i am actually using an m-audio mobile pre with a B2 pro in cubase.
the result isn't really all that fantastic. im guessing its the mobile pre, but when running my B2 through it i get a really harsh digital sound that i don't particularily care for. if i could go back i certainly wouldn't buy the m-audio mobile pre, but i would keep the B2...

RockSkar Tue, 01/25/2005 - 21:50
I have a MobilePre.

I also have a condensor mic. And a Shure 58.

I have not noticed any kind of kazzoo type sound when using the condensor. The soundcard probably doesn't sound quite as incredible as my Q10, but it still sounds quite professional and I have no problems with the sound quality when recording with the condensor. Especially considering the price of the MobilePre. It was a little over $100 on ebay brand new.

As for the Shure sounds exactly like a Shure 58 to my ears.

I would probably buy both for the simple fact that you can use the 58 and the condensor mic with the MobilPre and likely get a good variety of sounds in combination

Member Wed, 01/26/2005 - 13:17
Thanks for the replies and advice :)

I'll take your word for it on the mobilepre, and I'll take your advice and buy both mics.

Now this is probably a total noob question, but is there anything vital I'm missing after soundcard, preamp, mics, software? Obviously, I'll need things like stands (and a PC!) , but is there anything else I need to record once I have the mobilepre and my mics?