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Crest Performance ST-2 dual mic preamp/channel strip

I wasn't sure whether to post this under proaudio or budget gear. The only information I have been able to find is the usual commercial promo- information. Critiques by experts or actual users seem to be elusive. In my search, however, I did find this forum. Hopefully someone here can provide first hand information regarding their experience with this unit. I am primarily interested in how it performs on vocals and acoustic guitar. Is it good enough for studio work and/or live sound applications ? I am considering it for both. On the surface it has several attractive features including panable stereo or dual mono mode, separate mic and line gains, duplicate mic and line inputs on front and back, insert, phase, phantom, direct out, high/low shelf and full parametric high/low mid EQ on both channels. There are also several other ways in and out of this box. All of these bells and whistles could be a bad sign in relation to quality. I am aware of the quality of Crest Audio products but don't know much about the Crest Performance line. Crest customer service claims that the "Performance " line was developed to provide quality affordable equipment for smaller venue applications. Sometimes the word "affordable" worries me. However, one certainly doesn't want to miss out on a bargain if it's available. Thank you in advance for any first hand information that can be provided.


moonbaby Fri, 03/10/2006 - 10:22
You are right to be concerned about their use of the word "affordable".
Why? Because a couple of years ago, Crest was bought out by....HARTLEY PEAVEY !!! At one time, Crest had a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high quality power amps and mixing boards. But then, my ex-employer HP took over the reins. Other gear..."affordable" speakers and amps started showing up. Most of it is simply re-branded Peavey stuff nowadays. That's why you don't get anything but BS from the customer service dept. The addage "What you don't know won't hurt you" certainly applies here, as far as Mr. P is concerned. All of his professional life, he has been plagued by being snubbed by the pro audio industry, and he'll do practically ANYTHING to get acceptance.Except spend more$$ on quality. But spend $$$ on promotion? You bet, baby!
Sorry to rant....

anonymous Fri, 03/10/2006 - 11:51
Crest Performance Audio ST-2

One thing I did turn up was that it appears this unit was originally promoted as the STP-1 in 2004. Functionally it appeared identical to the ST-2 but the STP-1 appeared to have the original Crest style controls and knobs. These appear to be changed on the ST-2. I don't know if the electronics of the STP-1 were re-engineered in creating the ST-2. Strangely, one person that I talked to in customer service claimed no knowledge of the STP-1. I was also unable to find any real experience critiques on the STP-1. So far I am still at a loss in finding any real performance critiques on either unit. I apologize for not wanting to be the guinea pig. I thought there were people out there with money to waste :wink: or who do this for a living.