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CS1x Problems

I'm stuck on how to get the CS1x to sequence properly. I'm running Cubase and whenever I try to start with drums, I can't seem to get the drum sounds to continue when I try other sounds on other tracks. I'm using the serial port instead of MIDI cables/interface. I've tried "Local" on and off. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone like this keyboard?


Nate Tschetter Wed, 03/13/2002 - 18:30

We need a lail more information.

Are you using the CS1x in "multi" more? If you use it in "performance" mode, you only get one sound at a time. If you're in multi mode, you can have a different sound on each "part" or "channel".

What does the CS1x screen say when it _does_ work and what does it say when it _doesn't_ work?