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firepod issues

Hey,i just bought a firepod and it seems as if channels 1&2 work pretty good but channels 3 - 8 dont have any gain. i couldnt get them to clip if i had to.

i turn the gain controls up to 11 o clock for channels 1&2 but the other channels need to be fully cranked to get any level.

i looked for a control panel of some sort on my computer but no luck.
any suggestions?


anonymous Tue, 02/20/2007 - 19:50

I see, so channels 1&2 work well for direct signals such as the pod or something of tat nature,and channels 1 thru 8 work well for XLR applications.does this mean that the 1/4 inch jacks on channels 1&2 operate at a +4 level and the 1/4 inch jacks on channels 3-8 operate
at -10. and if that is the case, why the hell would they do that.

RemyRAD Tue, 02/20/2007 - 22:06

No, inputs 1 & 2 have 2, 1/4" instrument inputs and 2, 1/4", line level inputs. These 2 special inputs are extremely high input impedance inputs, designed strictly for direct output from guitar pickups, not keyboards, not pods. You would use the line inputs if you are feeding anything else into the Fire pod, such as a guitar effects processor boxes, keyboards, etc.. Your hypothesis of levels is rather backwards. It's the other way around.

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RemyRAD Wed, 02/21/2007 - 11:32

On the Fire pod, the first 2, 1/4" combo inputs are rated at one million ohms input impedance whereas inputs 3 -8 have an input impedance of 10,000 ohms. You can use 1-8 1/4" inputs as line level device inputs but inputs 1 & 2 are designed specifically to accept a guitar or bass guitar pick ups without fear of loading the pickups down, as the other 3 -8 inputs would do. Plus, inputs 1 & 2 have additional gain for those low-level guitars. But inputs 1 & 2 can also be used as standard line level inputs, as well. But the other inputs 3 -8 are not appropriate to plug guitars directly into. Those inputs can accept the outputs from your pod processor and other line level devices or microphones when you use a XLR balanced connector. Have you read your manual yet???

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anonymous Wed, 02/21/2007 - 15:36

yeah Rem i read the manual but it is confusing.basically if you got three guys running in direct,the third person either has to have a 1/4 inch line coming out of his pod into a XLR input on channel 3-8(which would constitute a special cable or adapter) or that third or fourth direct signal could use a 1/4 inch jack on channels 3-8 if he didnt have that adapter, and wouldnt be nearly as loud as the rest of the cats unless he cranked his gain and the firepods gain to the max. yeah thats fucking i gotta buy more stuff to get it to work right.
i mean i aint the stupidest person alive ,but i just aint gettin this one at all. More times than not i have two pods, a bass V-amp,and some times an acoustic hooked up to this thing all at once.
Anywho thanks for your input. i guess this idiocy will hit me in a month or two. for you remmy ill try some kentucky blue grass maybe that will enlighten me.

hueseph Wed, 02/21/2007 - 17:02

willjrockstar wrote: basically if you got three guys running in direct,the third person either has to have a 1/4 inch line coming out of his pod into a XLR input on channel 3-8(which would constitute a special cable or adapter)

No. You're not paying attention. The Combo inputs are: XLR=Mic level input, 1/4"=Line input. If you plug the pod into the Line level input, the POD MUST be set to a line level output. That is, if there is an "amp" setting it needs to be changed to "Line". This is either done in a menu or by a switch on the back of the POD. That way, the input will be getting the proper level at the proper impedance.

RemyRAD Wed, 02/21/2007 - 17:48

In your particular case, if you have 2 guys that are plugging into the guitar inputs directly, on inputs 1 & 2 and you need a third guy to plug-in directly also, yup, I would recommend an active DI, that offers at least a one million ohm input, that would be Phantom powered and plugged into XLR input #3 or, as in the case of a bass player, who plugs into his head, you take the direct output on the back of his head, it might be 1/4", it might be XLR, in either case, you would have the choice of going into the 1/4" line input or going into an XLR microphone input, pad on, gain down. If you don't want to buy extra stuff, use some kind of stomp box that has a low impedance emitter follower transistor or IC chip output that can drive your line input, unbalanced. I'm sure you must have some of those lying around? So what exactly is your question?

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