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Hafler TRM8 vs. Mackie Hr824

Has anyone had the chance to do AB comparison between these speakers ?
I made a few listenings with the 824's, but when I heard the Hafler I was truly amazed, I felt like the speakers had vanished and the music (and sound) was now revealed to me with better image, depth and clarity then ever before, detail without the harshness of cheaper monitors.

Unfotunately the magic lasted only about an hour and I since then I dream of the moment I'll be mixing with them.

I'm looking for a trm8 user's critical feedback or A/B comparison with other quality monitors, especially with HR824 since they are now an industry standard.


Kurt Foster Wed, 02/12/2003 - 09:50

I think your first impression was correct! IMO the Haflers are superior to the Mackies in every respect! The Mackie question has been discussed to death on this and other Form threads and after all the discussion, arguing and heated debate it finally got so ridiculous that the threads had to be locked to prevent an all out war! We don't want to start that again. RO has a neat search function. Just go there and punch up a search on the Mackies. All the comments you are asking about are there. As far as the Haflers, I love this company. David Hafler has been a top designer for ages and is responsible for many classic designs including the much sought after vintage Dynaco range of pre and power amplifiers. IMO it's hard to go wrong with any Hafler equipment. Fats
Tannoy, Dynaudio, Blue Sky, JBL, Earthworks, Westlake, NS 10's :D , Genelec, Hafler, KRK, and PMC
Those are good. …………………….. Pick one.

anonymous Thu, 02/13/2003 - 14:13

B&H sells them for 600$ each, wich makes a pair 1200 (US$)plus shipping, kind of a deal compared to dynaudio or genelec.

They also have a smaller model, TRM6.1, for even less.

Thank you for the opinion Cedar, did not want to start another war but just to learn more about hafler's.

Thanks again, I'll let you know how I feel when after my first session with them...

RecorderMan Fri, 02/14/2003 - 11:06

I had those Haflers for a week. HATED them. Don't care for the mackies either. I do not really like genelecs as well. I do like the JBL LSR25's (big ones) although I hear they're not amking them can still pick them up (what's left) and get parts. I find working on them very low fatigue, and translation is very good



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