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Hi people

I have a recording studio and i use Dynaudio BM5's and Yamaha NS10's for my monitoring. I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for some general hi fi speakers o put in the control room to get a different perspective. I just had a flick through ebay and some online shops and there seems to be millions of "book shelf" style speakers.

Just wondering if any are better than others.

Budget £100

Don;t need somthing superb but just to give me an idea of what music might sound like on a home stereo. I have been into studio gear so long i don;t know what current Hi Fi speakers makes are any good.




JoeH Wed, 12/06/2006 - 20:01

i'd keep the semi-pro or HiFi stuff somewhere other than your studio/control room. That way, you can take your mixes somewhere else entirely for a new listening experience. (A car, a living room, an eye-pod earbud, etc.) Putting non-pro speakers into your "pro" listening room may not reveal all that much anyway.

For me, a reality check is much more thorough when I leave the confines of my work area entirely, and listen in someone else's environment/space. I go to one of several listening rooms I trust and see what I've got. No matter what the speakers, a complete break/rest after a long listening session helps a lot, too.

anonymous Thu, 12/07/2006 - 01:26

Massive Mastering wrote: And then you'll throw out your NS10's.

Oh yes they will be going.

I know what your saying JoeH. I'm just not happy with the sound of the BM5's and the NS10's are awful.

I'm just not confident when mixing on them. I just thought having some Hi Fi speakes would give me an idea of how people would listen at home.

Cheers for the replies


anonymous Sun, 12/10/2006 - 03:43

I'm having a re think on the whole monitoring things, I dislike the NS10's and i dislike the BM5's

I will have a search but i am now looking at some new monitors (nearfield) for around £1000

B&W DM602 - These sound interesting, with have a look at the spec on these.

Any other speaker sugestions?

Is it worth buyin one set of good monitors to do all your tracking and mixing on, or having a couple of sets or different monitors to compare mixes on.



CoyoteTrax Sun, 12/10/2006 - 12:44

I just spent some time auditioning JBL Control One's and they sounded really decent. They seemed to have a relatively flat response that was crisp, open and not nearly as colored as the next line up which was the JBL "Monitor" series. The Control One's have a bass port in front, the bass response from the 4" inch drivers is surprisingly big and powerful while remaining tight and un-hyped. $118 US dollars at Best Buy. I'm sure there are plenty of other distributors for them as well.

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