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hip hop mixing

For the past few months I've been mixing hip hop for some friends of mine. i have experience mostly with rock so i referenced quite a few brand new, mainstream hip hop albums. This is where my questions lie:
1. It seems as though almost all( if not all ) of the instrumentation/vocals are panned dead center, w/ the exception of chorus background vocals. Am I wrong?
2. It also seems as though the main vocal is dry of spatial effects ( i.e.: reverb, delay ). Again, am I wrong?
I have to admit, this has been an interesting challenge. With so much going on dead center, I've become pretty handy with my 7-band eq and compressors, both single and multiband. Anyone with hip hop mixing experience please help. Thank you.


anonymous Fri, 02/16/2007 - 16:55

what you need to do is create a little wider stereo spread of the beat. then just sink the main vocals straight up at 12:00 then pan any overdub vocals to the right and left. check out a book called "the art of mixing" It is the best way to get a Mental picture of how the mix should sound or "look"(mentally)(Read the book and you'll understand). Not just with rap, but this book will help you in all aspects of mixing.




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