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Hi all
I just got reaper and am feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all. I haveconnected my midi keyboard using the M-Audio 1x1 and installed the Asio4allthing that everyone talks about having (you can tell I have no idea what I'mtalking about!) and I have no sound. I tried assigning the reasynth the recordtrack and I still get nothing.

I also downloaded and imported into reaper, a mp3 backing track just to check Iwasn’t going mad and that doesn’t make any sound either.

Please someone enlighten me!


TheJackAttack Wed, 03/07/2012 - 11:26

You need to download the Reaper pdf helpfile. It is awesome. In fact I bought the book spiral bound from Lulu. The keyword to search for is routing. There is a matrix option that is quick to adjust and then you also need to assign your inputs within the session itself. The keyboard will not automatically be assigned a track. Now, if you have the inputs assigned correctly you will still need to assign an output to the master fader. Assigning the fader to something not present or active is as good as no assignment. I don't know the deep details of Asio4All so I won't be much help there.

TheJackAttack Thu, 03/08/2012 - 10:21

You aren't out of depth. I promise. It is just unfamiliar to you. Windows or Mac kindly automates basic functions however all DAW programs require actual routing configuration of one type or another. If you can use a physical mixer and gozinta and gozouta then this is the same only with GUI screens instead. Think in terms of wire. Go to the other chapter to which I linked. It talks about setting up an ASIO driver. In your case you may have to do addtional setup within the Asio4All (A4A) GUI (graphical user interface) because it really isn't a proper driver. Within that gui you can assign in and out as well.

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