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Hey guys. I'm looking to get one or the other of these two interfaces. How do these two interfaces differ? Which has better preamps? Which would you guys recommend? Would running PT M-Powered be that much of a loss as compared to PT LE? Which is more worth it and would be more worth it in the log run? And what is this i hear about onboard DSP? The Fast Track Ultra has it and so do a couple of the new Mbox models.

Thanks a lot.


TheJackAttack Fri, 10/29/2010 - 15:59

First, neither has great preamps. Second, I'd rather have PT-M than LE but I'd rather not use either. Unless the FastTrack comes with a DAW I'd recommend starting with Reaper. Neither of those units has much in the way of onboard DSP. Certainly not enough to make anything a game changer. Both of the units are capable of making decent enough recordings if not pushed too hard.

So in conclusion, if I had to select one of those two units, I would go with the M-Audio unit.

TheJackAttack Fri, 10/29/2010 - 16:29

Standard in whose eyes? Not to be argumentative, but PT HD was once a "standard" because it was a turnkey system that was effective and the parent company was brilliant with marketing. In the home recording world PT LE or M was never "standard" and indeed no reason for it to be. In the professional audio engineer/studio community today, there is no single "standard" DAW program. Is PT HD frequently used for tracking/mixing in big studios? Yes. Is Logic or Cubase just as prevalent in big studios? Yes. Do some studios use more than one DAW? Yes, many.

My point is that you would be better off learning to effectively use one the main standard DAW programs that you already have rather than get locked into a proprietary hardware/DAW relationship which will still be there if in the future you find logical good reasons to go that route.

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