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MOTU 2408 sync problems

Hi Guys, I'm using 3 x MoTU 2408 with Cubase vst5 on a mac g4. I'm having a problem trtansferring a track from my Fostex DAT via the optical connection through my TC finalizer then through sp/dif into the motus and then into Cubase as a stereo master file, which I can cut and export to burn. I'm getting digital glitches on the transfer. I'm setting the PCI console to sync from 2408 -1 sp/dif and setting the TC Finalizer to sync from 48kHz, but no joy. I've tried to sync from PCI internal, with the TC on 48kHz but the same happens but a different digital noise is heard.

My mastering stuff is backing up and I'm going crazy!

Please help!






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