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My first mic preamp

So I am getting ready to buy my first mic preamp. I know very little about which direction to go so if anyone has any advice that would be great.


pr0gr4m Thu, 11/02/2006 - 13:37

Fisher Price makes a great one. It's called the "My First Mic Pre" pre amp. It's got a big knob on it for turning things up and down. There are also switches that light up and can be switched both on and off.

For real though...

Do a search on this forum. Read as many of the threads as you can. If there has been anything discussed to death on this forum it's any and every aspect of microphone preamps. That way you will be able to understand why people recommend the preamps that they recommend.

That should take you a few days at least. Then come back here and give us some info like:

a. How much can you afford?
b. What is the pre going to be used for primarily?
c. What microphone are you planning to use with it and what other microphones do you have?
d. What sort of music are you recording?
e. What sort of sound do you prefer?
f. Do you want a single mic pre or are you looking for like 4 or 8 of them?

-If you don't feel like doing any of this, then get a Groove Tubes Brick. Just get it and use it.
-If you need more than one, look at the Mackie Onyx preamps or the FMR RNP.
-If you are looking to spend less than $300, either hit ebay looking for deals or go to the local music superstore and audition what they have and pick one.