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Ive got a piece of recording sync gear (to sync pc recording software to outboard recording units) that I haven't used in a while. Welp, I went and wired it all in, and then went to install the software to make it all work.. WHAT.. Where did that software go... I cant find it ANYWHERE!
Its an older, now kinda obsolete piece of gear, so the software isn't easy to find on the net.
Its an Opcode 64xtc. I have found the midi drivers, but thats not what I need. I need the patchbay software and midi drivers for win98. The "newer" drivers might work for midi, but the sync concept only works with the patchbay/win98 drivers.
Might anyone else out there have this unit, and I can get a copy of the install software from? Please Please, help me lose this stress!