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phasing wit da ass

So i was recording a demo for this band the other day and had an old RCA ribbon on a guitar amp. The guitar player had the habit of dancing around when he took a solo and when he start shaking his fat ass in front of the amp it produced this wicked phasing, apparently because of the reflections off his booty shakin'. It was truly strange.


Guest Sat, 06/09/2001 - 14:44
Depends on which RCA mic it was and it's pickup pattern. Rather than 'reflections' off the ass, I'd think you had an 'absorbtion' of "room content" which altered how the reflections were perceived by the microphone.

Just a guess [and I hope he did his little dance in time with the rest of the track].

Member Sun, 06/10/2001 - 19:22
It was a figure-8 RCA 74jr and when he got in front of his the backside(of the mic)was aimed right up his. It was strange because it sounded just like an old MXR and later I played it as a joke to another band, who of course wanted it on their record. I told them it was just something crazy Jon pulled out his ass, so to speak.