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lately i have been more focused on mixing in the box. has any one else followed this trend this last year?

my out board gear list is weak but my computer is basically the mothership of my recording lab.


Music_Junky Mon, 01/01/2007 - 06:24

well i have not been doing this for long so i don't own any outboard gear yet. As I grow and get better I now am sure that good pre's are something that i need.

I don´t have a mixing desk and i don't feel the need for it yet.

I am now saving some money and will spend them on pre's instead of plugs as i often do :)

RemyRAD Thu, 01/18/2007 - 21:57

My good SeniorFedup, I do such a large variety of both audio and video work, some of my preferences are changing, mostly because of size and practicality. While I still like the sound of an analog mixing console, I get interesting mixes using digital consoles, which sound different than the analog desks, as well as mixing ITB, which I find sounds more like using a digital console and so, none of it is horrible. Just different strokes for different blokes.

So you are really wondering, which I prefer? I prefer feeding everything through my vintage API and Neve microphone preamps and/or equalizer's over anything else. What I mix with, I really have no preferences. I still like the ability to grab at a knob, or slam a patch cord in for a compressor or reverb device. But I can live without that, just not without my good Mike preamps.

An old new fashioned engineer
Ms. Remy Ann David

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