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PLEASE NOTE: I still can't access this site from Opera web browser!

Tried to post this in the Open Mic Guest forum so, mods, please delete the duplicate if so needed.

I know this probably isn't the right forum for this, BUT...

When I try to load this site I get a strange IP address:


I also get the old, "Could not connect to remote server" error message.

Is there no way Mr. Webmaster can fix this so those of us who use Opera don't have to jump between browsers?

FWIW, the page loads fine in IE and Firefox.

Cheers :)


TheJackAttack Wed, 05/30/2012 - 09:28
I just loaded the latest Opera to check, and this behavior did not occur in the older version I had (7 or 8 something). What is actually happening is RO is inadvertantly redirecting the browser back to the originating network through what I imagine is a simple ping. The ip address Mo is listing is either his own house router/dsl modem/cable modem.

This is a flaw in Opera not being able to resolve the security ping. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE all work fine so obviously it is Opera specific. I am able to browse some other forums that have Tapatalk enabled so that is not the issue at all. I have always found Opera to be quirky and annoying at random times which is why I don't use it other than on my DroidX. Interestingly enough, Opera Mini on the Droid is no longer able to connect either and it certainly was able to connect last month at some point. There was an Opera upgrade sometime this Spring but I don't remember the timing at all. Maybe there was a V.Bulletin upgrade sometime in the last month?

As added info, now my native Android browser also cannot connect. It pops back a screen that says "Get our Android app for easier viewing and posting on this forum." Did V.Bulletin add it's own mobile app, Chris? Opera even on a full size computer is basically a mobile browser so it would make sense that it would exhibit the same behavior.

Oops. The native Droid browser will connect once you close the popup. So that still leaves it in the Opera court.

audiokid Wed, 05/30/2012 - 21:14
Sorry guys, I was at the Roger Water's Concert (The Wall) in Vancouver ( very cool!) followed by the BC Provincials held on the Island and I am proud to say she was picked the runner up. Second place in BC so I am a very proud Dad!

Are you guys still having issues now? Thanks John for stepping in here. Yes, we upgraded vbullletin last month and there is another major upgrade now, over 200 bug fixes so far. I can see RO just fine. There is a mobile app, do you think we need it?

TheJackAttack Wed, 05/30/2012 - 22:39
Opera is the only browser family with the issue. I think it is on Opera's end though because I used to use Opera a couple years back without issue at RO.

We do NOT need a vbulletin app. Tapatalk works very smoothly and is inexpensive. I wonder though if the latest vbulletin update turned on some automatic message regarding the mobile app.

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Mo Facta Wed, 05/30/2012 - 23:05
Well, before the vbullitin upgrade I was using Opera v11 and it worked fine. It was only once the vbullitin upgrade occured that I could not access RO. I do, however, agree that it's an incompatibility issue on Opera's side. It must have a beef with the new vbullitin system for some reason. What has changed since the last revision?

Just FYI, I use Ubuntu and Windows and the inaccessibility problem occurs in both.

Anyway, thanks for the replies and I can only hope that it gets resolved. It's a pain to have to switch browsers all the time, especially since all my regular sites are on speed dial in Opera.

Cheers :)