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could anybody tell me what a Pro Tools engineer (as written on many CD`s) exactly does?
maybe a naive question but in my country the producer is often the Pro Tools engineer (cause of the budget...)

thanx :confused:


Guest Thu, 01/31/2002 - 14:32
Please copy and add to it but here is a possible real world "big budget" recording personell break down.

Artist (s)
Session musicians
Equipment rental company delivery guys
Assistant engineer
Studio Gofer / errand boy / girl
Piano Tuner
Drum Tech
Gtr Tech's
Vocal coach
Studio booking staff
Producer manager
Artist manager
Artists assistant
Cleaner (s)
Drug dealer (s)
A&R staff
Pro Tools engineer

PT engineering = Putting drums in time, putting singing in tune, comping vocal takes, general editing.


anonymous Thu, 01/31/2002 - 15:19
......tracking into PT, be it live, or after,
......completely re-arranging the song before the band gets back
......actually making the beginning and end of the song cool, by cutting a piece out of the middle and putting it there (gapeless, seemless)
......playing with the bands girlfriends, while they're in the other room trying to work.....

or maybe that's just me....




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