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your favorite sampler here ... :)


Nate Tschetter Thu, 02/27/2003 - 13:37

For sheer power, Tascam's GigaStudio on a seperate machine.

For convenience, Steinberg's HALion as a VSTi in your favorite sequencer.

For Logic users, the EXS24 sampler.

For hardware, I'm really liking my Motif 8. I make all my samples on the 'puter and then drag them onto the SmartMedia card and whack that into the Motif.

Mario-C. Fri, 02/28/2003 - 08:24
I guess I'm a little "old school" when it comes to samplers, I use samplecell which is fast simple an efficient but right now I absolutely love the Yamaha A5000, the sound is fantastic and the amp envelope is the fastest I've ever heard in a soft or hardware sampler, I do a lot of drum programming and the other samplers I was using sounded kind of "spongy", not the Yamaha's, I first got a 4000 the added a 5000 and I just love them...

pandamonkey Mon, 03/17/2003 - 18:38
Hey guys, you might call me a newbie at sampling as I've only been at it for a couple of years. I first learned sampling on a Yamaha EX5 synth and now I use Kontakt. The difference is crazy. Maybe the EX5 is a bad example of hardware capable of sampling but it seems that software like Kontakt is sooo much more versitile. I like the idea of working within one environment that my computer offers as well.

Mario-C. Fri, 03/28/2003 - 14:04
he he, I actually payed him a lot of money to post this...

what can I say, thank you I'm flattered :)
now about the keyboards...

when we met I was recording a lot but it was very stressful, you know "ok the client is here and we're way behind schedule, you have one take to nail it " I was always into music production but I was doing sessions to pay the bills, I still do sessions every now and then but my chops are not up the level they used to be, now I really enjoy producing and arranging and thats how I got into synths...