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Vintech X-73 / Great River MP2-NV experience

ok - spent an evening today at a place with both a Great River NV, and a pair of Vintech 1073s.

I know many people have been buzzing about both, so I'm going to drop my measly opinion of what I encountered trying both out.

Mic source - matched pair of Schoeps cmc6/mk4v's

Program Sources - Steinway Piano, Sax, Male vox.

1) Let me first that that Fletcher and Dan Kennedy's description of the NV is dead on. The whole bit about it not trying to sound exactly like the 1073, and being more transparent. Also, the note Fletcher made about the sound being one that wouldnt get to thick when multiple sources were combined is very much correct.

2) The x-73 (preamp only, EQ left out of circut) - had more of a ballsy in your face tone that makes you remember why you have the word Neve in your vocabulary. It seemed to have a thicker lower-midrange that just seemed smooth and thick. Let me also say I hate using adjectives to describe sound.

3) The NV lacked that thick lower mid that the X-73 had, yet it did have a smoother top with was a bit more open. All in all two completely different sounds.

4) The X-73 per channel costs as much as the dual channel NV. It has a power supply that makes life alittle harder on a freelancer. It's EQ from what I have heard is very good, yet I'm not an EQ at tracking time kind of guy so I did'nt test it out.

5) The NV has the insert points, and dual outputs - which I find to be very very cool.

all in all - I'd have a hard time choosing right now between the two. Basically because I have multiple gear slots needing to be filled. The NVs I could use in stereo, and on a wide aray of sources. The X-73 would be a great monophonic lead source channel for me, yet the EQ is overkill for me.

If Vintech made just that pre at the price of their 1272, I'd buy it.

Money being the only obstacly, I would buy and use both a ton.

anyone else try both, or the NV and 1073s?

I dig both alot, so different yet both so good


atlasproaudio Mon, 10/22/2001 - 19:24
Originally posted by MicrophoneMan:

If Vintech made just that pre at the price of their 1272, I'd buy it.

The Pre in the X73 and the Vintech 1272 should sound indentical. I can't speak for Vintech, but it's not a refurb, it's an originally built unit. Do you know how low cost their two channel mic pre is? It's ridiculously low in today's market among many higher priced competitors. If you do the math, you have already made your decision according to the statement made above.

Guest Tue, 10/23/2001 - 08:32
I would hope that the X-73 and the "1272" wouldn't sound identical. The X-73 should have one additional gain stage, which should help add to the richness of the tone. Personally, I found the 1272 boring as sin, from the earlier description, it doesn't appear the X-73 is all that boring sounding. One of these days I'll have to get my hands on an X-73 so I know what I'm talking about...

rivers Tue, 10/23/2001 - 10:58
Thanks MM
Im real close to getting the Great River unit but was interested in the comparision.How do think the NV would sound on Drums and Gtrs,Im looking for a "colored"unit and am a little concerned the Great River may be to "clean"(I hate using adjectives as well)when compared to a Neve,etc but it sounds like what i need.

MicrophoneMan Tue, 10/23/2001 - 20:51
atlasproaudio wrote:

The Pre in the X73 and the Vintech 1272 should sound indentical

You know, this is the third time I've heard someone say this and two of the people are saying the word comes from Vintech themselves. Makes the mind wonder.

I'm a young guy - some of you were doing this stuff before I was born. I learned of the Neve stuff before I ran into it - so I went looking rather than stumbling across it on a session. I have a few pals with Averil 1272s, and I love those things - yet at the same time know what they sound like. Now, after using the X-73, I would be willing to bet every piece of gear I own that it's preamp is not the same as the 1272.

When I hear 1272, I basically get that smooth image that has a deep bottom (remember I hate describing how I hear), and has a rather smooth top. As for the X-73, the midrange that was so thick and just "there" kinda held back any air from the highs from poking thru. Imaging doing tracking in mono, looking at the sound: With the X-73, I saw the mids sticking out saying yeah baby here I am, kinda blocking the highs a bit, but in a nice way. At the same time switching over to the Great River NV, that pronounced midrange was more subtle, and you could look past it and get a depth to the highs - yet everything was still a mellow tone at the same time.

Yet after all this, and after not being able to get the X-73 preamp tone out of my head for the last 2 days, I'm also thinking about how too many tracks of that color in the mix could get to thick. What it all comes down to like always is that there are different shades for different trades.

I'm pretty sure I might be able to set up some decently chill listening if anyone in the tri-state is game...

atlasproaudio Wed, 10/24/2001 - 09:33
Ok, just talked to Dallas at Vintech (who by the way is a saint in this business). There are two differences between the 1272 preamp and the X73 preamp. The X73 does indeed have a 3rd gain stage. The 1272 has 50db of gain, the X73 has 80db of gain. When you refered to the tonal difference between the 1272 and X73 pre this is due to a small cap placed on the input transformer. The X73 has this, the 1272 does not. This is what gives the 1272 a little more open high end. This option is available in the 1272, and the part is extremely inexpensive. So aside from the additional 30 db of gain, the tones of the two units can be made identical. When the cap is added, this is what makes the unit sound like an original Neve (as seen is the Sept review in Mix magazine). Hope this helps.