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vocal mic $1000-$2000

Looking for any suggestions. Will be going through Avalon 737. Used for primarily rock, male and female vocals, but other music types are also possible.

Thanks, Jake


anonymous Tue, 05/13/2003 - 16:29
I've been using the Rode NTK (about $500) on male vox and getting very good results. I usually use the Rode with a ƒƒ ISA 110 (one of my favorite pres). The 737 sounds a little off with the Rode (mabey too tubey for vox, I'm sure other have gotten good results). I use a U87ai with the 737 sometimes. The 737 is not my main vox pre. I would suggest the U87ai overall in your range especially on female. I personally do not like the AKG 414 on vox but there are alot of people who like them and there are a bunch of different models.
my .03 cents


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