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Which would you recommend?

I'm looking at a future purchase of a digital mixing console. My 2 choices are the Yamaha 01v96 & the Tascam DM24. I'm assuming the Yamaha costs a little more and may pack a bit more than the Tascam but is there any other major differences between the two? Which one would you choose?


Doublehelix Mon, 12/22/2003 - 08:03
The Yammy 01V96 has horrible ergonomics imho. I really disliked the look and feel of the system. The TASCAM unit is much better, and now that they have worked out a lot of the initial "bugs" from the software, I hear that it is working quite well.

If you can scrape up the extra cash, the Yamaha DM1000 is really nice however...a big step up from the 01V96. HUGE difference!