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Golf, Fishin, Harley Ridin
Pacific NW
DAW Program
PROTOOLS HD2 10.3 Mac tower 8 core, Avid Omni ,Avid Analog16
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Toft ATB 8, Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Mkll, Groove Tubes ViPre, Manley Dual Mono, ADK Custom Shop AP-2, Focusrite ISA428, True Systems P2, Warm Audio WA76, Drip Opto 6 LA2A clone, UAD LA2A, Grace M502, Retro Double Wide, Little Labs VOG, IGS Alter 500, DBX 160SL, Radial 500 rack, Behringer P16i with six stations,...Strats,Teles,SGs,Les Pauls, Tech 21Trademark60,Yamaha G50 112ii, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Conrad Deluxe Tweed, Conrad 15/30 Special, VHT PittBull 45, VHT 12/20 Special, Fender Jazz Bass, 1963 P-Bass clone, Spector 5 string bass, Guild Pilot basses, Valley Arts bass, Yamaha 80's Recording Custom kit,Alesis DM10 mesh kit . Neumann KH 120's, Sundholm Acoustics 6.5 monitors, Parasound power amp customized by Sundholm Engineering, Cathedral Pipes U67 & Seville Ribbon, Neumann U87, KM184, U47 & C12 clones, Royer, Shure, AKG 414EB C460, Beyer, Soundelux, AT, etc....
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