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When I'm not gigging, or recording as a performer or "hired gun" engineer, I enjoy cooking, reading, camping and fly fishing, the latter of which also includes fly tying and fishing lure design, using Dremel carving tools and airbrushed multi-color finishing.
May 9
Akron/Cleveland, OH
DAW Program
Sonar, Pro Tools, Samplitude, Harrison Mixbus
Gear Profile
Mics: Neumann (U89, U87), AKG (414's), Shure (57's, 58's), Sennheiser (421's and 409's), EV (RE 20) AT (4040, 4030)
Mic Preamps; ADK AP1, Presonus VSL1818
Other stuff: Alesis Monitor Ones, JBL 4406 NF's, Hafler and Crown Power, Rane HP distro, AKG, Sony and Audio Technica Cans
Guitars: Fender (American Tele and Strat), Rickenbacker (360 V64 12 St), Gibson (Acoustic 6 string and mandolin) Washburn (Delta King Hollow Body), Spectre Bass, Fender Jazz, Hoffner Violin Bass, Wasburn Acoustic/Elec 6 string
Amps: Fender DeVille 4x10, Line 6, Marshall, Peavey
Drums: Yamaha, Ludwig (vintage, 1966)
Audio I/O: ADK AP-1, Presonus,
Various soft synth and FX/Processing libraries; Wave, Garritan, Native Instruments, TC, Lexi, Blue Tubes, Voxengo, etc. Probably along the same lines of ITB stuff as you all have.
Vintage: '64 Crown Power, '66 Ludwig Drums, '68 Fender Champ Amp, '80 AKG 414 EB, 1913 Gibson Mandolin, 1915 Gibson L Series Acoustic 6
musician,engineer, songwriter,consultant