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DAW Program
Pro Tools HD Native, WaveLab 7, Logic, Studio 1,
Gear Profile
MacPro 2x 6 Core Westmere, MacPro, Macbook Pro 17´, Avid HD I/O, Digidesign MBox2 Pro, Mixer Seeport w 8 pre, UAD 610/110 pre, Line Audio 8 ch pre, Golden Age Pre-73. All kinds of Plug ins incl many UAD 2 (All Sonnox, UAD Pultec, Izotope Rx adv and Ozone 5 adv mostly used). HW - Drawmer 1961 EQ, Avalon VT747 SP compr, SPL Tube Vitalizer. Monitors Klein and Hummel O300, O800 x2. Very good and acoustically well treated mastering (and mixing) room (8 x 6 x 3.5 m). All kinds of recording equipment incl mikes such as Neumann U87, KM 184, TLM 103 , Sennheiser MKH 8040, DPA 4099, misc Shure, Rode etc