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Jun 27, 1958 (Age: 62)
Madison, Alabama
DAW Program
Cubase 7
Gear Profile
Studer A820 1/2 " 2 track, Tascam X-48 48 Track Hard Disk Recorder, DAW with 3.6GHz AMD "Zambezi" FX 8-Core, 1333MHz DDR3 Dual 32GB Channel Memory (4x 8GB) with 4 bays of 512GB SATA III Non-Volatile Solid State Drive (SSD), MOTU 2408 Core MkIII PCIe System, MOTU 24I/O Expander, Antelope Audio Isochrone TRINITY Master Clock, Yamaha DM200 Console, 2 (original) Neve 1073's, 8 channel API lunchbox loaded with 6 512C mic pres and 2 API 550b equalizers, 1 custom hand-built 8 channel rack/power supply loaded with 8 Trident A range mic pres and equalizers, one 2 channel DW Fearn tube mic pre, 2 (new) Universal Audio 1176LN's, 1 (new) Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter, 1 Fairman Compressor (Fairchild Clone), 1 Neve 33609 compressor, 2 U47 FET's, 1 Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone, 6 Sennheiser MD 421's, 10 Shure SM57's, 4 EV RE-20's, 4 Shure SM81's, 1 Neumann TLM 49's, 4 (original) Neumann U87's, 2 AKG 414ULS, 4 AT 4033's, 1 Crown PZM-30D, 2 DPA 4006-TL's, 1 pair of Neumann KM 185's, 2 Rode NT2000's, 2 Sennheiser e901 Boundary Mics, 1 (original) AKG D12's, 10 pairs of AKG 240DF headphones, Hear Technologies headphone distribution amplifier, 2 reamp direct boxes, 6 countryman type 85 passive direct injection boxes, 4 Switchcraft SC700 (Jensen Transformers) passive DI's, 6 Switchcraft Studio Patch 9625 TT Patchbays, various mic stands, adapters, music stands, hardware effects, and a new natural reverberation chamber will begin construction in June.
Acoustician/Studio Designer/Audio Engineer/Musicia


If you seek perfection you've failed to understand quantum mechanics (and are fast approaching a terrible ulcer in the bargain...)