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I've been playing drums for the past 30years; Many unknown bands and some known artists ; Martin Stevens (love is in the air) Nancy Martinez, Patsy Gallant, Kim Richardson etc...
I started to record about 20years ago and recently started to do video work and writing my own songs.
Appart from doing computer technical support, recording and playing live. I also enjoy photography ! ;)
Quebec, Canada
DAW Program
Sonar X3
Gear Profile
RME Fireface 800, Focusrite Saffire 56
Mitek AD96 + 2x UA LA610, Focusrite ISA428, 2 x Focusrite ISA Two + UA 4-710
Yamaha HS 8 studio monitors + Sub
2 ksm44, 1 ksm32, SM81, 2 Cascade Fat Head Ribbon
1 DiY T47 + 1 T12 + modded Studio Project C1
4 akg c1000s, 1 c2000b, Akg drum kit with 4 c418, D112
1 Sennheiser E602 + e906, 1 E835, 3 sm57, 1 MD421, 1 sm58
I7 computer with 16gig of ram, Win10
Sonar Platinum, Samplitude Pro X3, Fabfilter plugins
Icon Qcon Pro X controler
M-Audio Projectmix(as backup)
Ayotte 6pc acoustic drum
Mapex 5 pc converted to 6pc electronic drum with Roland TD-9
Bunch of VSTi, Ozone Mastering soft,
Norman ST-68 acoustic guitar
LesPaul Custom (Epiphone with Gibson upgraded pickups)
Yamaha 5str bass, Epiphone xtreem Bass
Vox AV60
Old Korg M1 as midi controler
Audio Technica ATH-PACK 5
ART HeadAmp6 Pro
Recording, mixing and mastering.


Endlessly seeking the best possible sound quality!