Thomas W. Bethel
Acoustik Musik Ltd. is committed to friendly, reliable and professional service, tailored to meet our client’s needs. We strive to respond quickly to requests and provide high-quality services at a reasonable rate. We are fully involved in the every step of the mastering or restoration process, from the initial consultation to the final master.

We are straight forward, open, and honest with our clients concerning costs, scheduling, and deadlines. Our staff is resourceful and open to your ideas. We believe that the end results of any project will reflect the best of the client’s vision.

Meet our Mastering Engineer/Managing Director – Thomas W. Bethel

Acoustik Musik, Ltd./Room with a View Productions’ owner and principal mastering engineer has over 40+ years of professional recording, mastering, and broadcast engineering experience and is a voting member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and a member of AEP (Alpha Epsilon Rho) (Professional Radio and TV Honorary). In the 19 years Acoustik Musik, Ltd. has been in business, Tom has mastered and/or recorded hundreds of professional level audio projects. His latest projects are featured on the opening pages of our website.

Previous to starting Acoustik Musik, Ltd. and Room with a View Productions, Tom served as the Director of Audio Services and Concert Sound at Oberlin College for 26 years. In that time, he recorded over three thousand concerts and did live concert sound for hundreds of live events.

Tom has also served as an audio consultant for Swarthmore College’s Lang Music Building, for the renovation of Oberlin College’s TIMARA studios and the renovation and re-equipping of Warner Concert Hall and Finney Chapel on the campus of Oberlin College.

Tom holds a BFA from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio in Radio and TV Producing and Directing and was instrumental in getting their campus carrier radio network established.
Oberlin, OH
DAW Program
Wavelab and Samplitude
Gear Profile
Windows 7 Professional
Weiss EQ1 MK II, dbx Quantum, TC 3000.
Otari MTR-10 Tascam 122, Tascam BR20T.
Benchmark DAC-1, Bryston 4BST, Alon IV speakers.
Micro Seiki Turntable and Arm with a PS Audio preamp
Benchmark ADC-1 and a Robbie Preamp from Blue Microphones
SM-7B Shure VO microphone
Mastering Engineer


Thomas W. Bethel, Managing Director, Acoustik Musik, Ltd. Oberlin, OH