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Music + Sound production, team sports, IT, Video Games, Ultimate frisbee
Birkenhead, UK
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Presonus StudioOne, Presonus 16.4.2 console, Shure SM57's/58's/Beta57, AKG 414, AT4040, Rode NT5's, AKG D112, Samson C02's (cheap but I love them on hats), Audix D4's, KRK RP5 monitoring and AKG headphones.

Enough to make good tracks before mastering! All running on Mac Snow Leopard as far as software goes.

My guitars are Epiphone SG custom with EMGs, Schecter tempest custom with Seymour Duncan Invaders, Jackson RR with Bare Knuckle Nailbombs, PRS Tremonti SE.

Amps - If Im being lazy and using DI (which I hate) to get ideas I use a spider 3 but my main amp for serious projects is a bugera 6260 (incredible sound for the price, even to the trained ear barely a difference to a peavey 5150). I also use the models on my POD XT for delays etc.

To anyone who is unaware.

PRESONUS - ARE - AMAZING. Get StudioOne and StudioLive, sack off the pro tools hype. It's really not worth it! TRUST ME.
Professional Musician/IT Technician/Sound Engineer