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    Difference between XLR interconnect and AES EBU

    AES/EBU is digital XLR is analog Although the interconnect is the same. AES/EBU cable is 110 ohm balanced. XLR is typically 66-75ohm cable (isn't it?) BUT you could use a regular XLR as an AES/EBU cable (just like you could use a regular old RCA cable as a coax S/PDIF cable), just know it...
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    Samson Resolv 50a vs.Roland DM20 vs.Wharfedale DP8.1A Diam

    I bought the Resolv 50's as a birthday/Xmas present for a family friend last year. Hooked them up in my home studio to make sure they worked properly (and because I was a little curious!) and they sounded pretty good to me. A little hyped in the mids, but definitely not bad. I'd recommend...
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    That's the idea. This is a very budget rig we run most often for the "just getting started and have no money band" live shows around town and I'd like to tighten it up a little without spending too much. For really important stuff I have access to much higher end gear so clocking isn't really...
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    Thanks Gunnar! That's really the answer I was looking for. I am actually considering another master clock device but it's good to know I could use the RME in the meantime. Dirk
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    Roly, thanks for the reply. Actually I was thinking of picking up another device to do the clocking, not the RME box. So my device would be generate the WC source, but it might only have a single WC out. That's my very possible scenario. Or maybe I just bite the bullet and pick up a Lucid...
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    Well, can't say I appreciate the help but after a lot of searching the answer to my question is to use a word clock distribution amplifier (such as the Aardsync DA). So if anyone else happens to have this question, there's the answer. Dirk
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    Nobody? I'm not being discriminated against because I admit to owning B* gear, am I? (':wink:') I know Big Ben has 6 distinct BNC outs, and the Aardsync II has 3. I'm wondering about other devices that may only have a single BNC out for generating timeclock. How would I go about clocking...
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    Laptop Configuration

    I can run 8 tracks to my internal drive (4200 rpm) at 24bit resolution (48k) with no trouble. Any more than that and I have issues. I was able to run 18 tracks to the drive at 16bit/44.1k in a live environment one time though (a last second emergency "cross your fingers and hope this...
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    Word Clock, RME and the ADA8000

    Hi all, I've got a quick question. One of my mobile rigs has 3 B* ADA8000's, going via lightpipe to a Nuendo RME/Digi. I've been thinking about maybe tightening up the sync on the setup with wordclock and I'm looking for a reasonably priced clock generator (can't afford Big Ben right now!)...
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    4-Track Laptop Recording?

    Digigram VX Pocket 440 (PCMCIA card with breakout cable) No pres, but 4 in/4 out Dirk
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    PC-based, Firewire or ADAT?

    I say there's nothing wrong with the combo at all. As long as you don't expect stellar results from these pres. They are definitely budget gear. They are not garbage though. It's one of the few B products that's not total junk. By limiting, I meant the following: 1. phantom can only be...
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    PC-based, Firewire or ADAT?

    One of my remote compact recording rigs is 3x ADA8000 to a Nuendo Digiset. We use it in small clubs, typically when the band is looking for a budget alternative in terms of preamps. The ADA8000 pres are nothing spectacular to be sure and in some ways the box is rather limiting and even...
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    Dual Hard drives

    Opus, Interesting about the write caching. 99% of what I do is on-location multitrack recording. I've always been told by "those in the know" here locally that I should turn off write caching to improve throughput. As it was explained to me, write caching writes to a memory buffer and when...
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    Dual Hard drives

    Disk indexing is completely useless. Turn it off. Another good tweak for streaming audio into the PC would be to turn off write caching on the drive. You can do it under the properties of the physical disk drive. This allows the PC to write directly to the drive, rather than caching the...
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    Dual Hard drives

    Just reserve one drive for applications ONLY (this would be your C: drive assuming you're on a PC) and don't put anything but your audio files on the other drive(s). USB can sometimes be problematic with audio streams - if your external is a combo (USB/Firewire) - install a firewire card for...
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    Preamp question

    I've been reading a lot in these forums about good quality pres and I've got a pretty good idea of where I want to go in the future (brick, seb, et. al) Does anyone here have any opinion on the Sonosax SX-M2? I'm just curious as I own one (7 years and counting) and still use it quite often...
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    Which one (RME)

    The Multiface is amazing and sounds like it would better suit your needs as well as allowing you room for expansion. I have a Multi and a Digiface and love them. My only complaint about them is the weird half rackspace size of the box. Dirk
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    [b]From Dat to Laptop Question[/b]

    You need 2 things - a 7pin to coax cable to get out of the M1 (you can get them from a number of places on the web - most inexpensively at Coresound, and a soundcard with digital in. Best inexpensive card out there right now in terms of price, features and ease of use...
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    Does it really matter which power conditioner?

    I have a pair of Furman AR-1215's - one in the home studio and one in the mobile recording rack. Does it make that much difference? I don't know. I've never compared them to anything else. They do make me feel fairly secure though. Dirk
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    Drum Programming on Nuendo

    Try the Nuendo forum at Of course, you'll have to supply your Nuendo USB key in order to post there, to ensure you're a legitimate user. Assuming you are, you'll likely have an answer right away. Good luck!