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    Designing new remote preamp

    JohnE,,, what a dick you are. Nobody buys blue BS cables.
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    Mbox2 or Mbox2 Pro

    Firewire is faster than USB. Burst speed on USB is fast like you say at 400, but doesn't hold up under sustained audio/video. Latency might be better on Firewire.. but is something to be dealt with in PTLE anyway.
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    Maybe a dumb question... PCM cards + plugins... possible?

    I mean "bounce" or re-record your tracks to another track, or render it so you aren't using so many VIs and plugins. This would free up your processing power.. but of course you will have to make a decision about what the sound will be.. as you will not be able to adjust it again without going...
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    Maybe a dumb question... PCM cards + plugins... possible?

    Print your tracks and remove plugins/VI before mixing.
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    tracks moving in protools

    It's delay and is normal with PTLE. Tracks don't move.
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    Production Trucks

    You will need a big sofa to sleep on after your wife gets pissed that you are spending too much time with your truck!
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    Production Trucks

    How about a Mrs.Monkey pic? Does she pack a pistol too?
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    Production Trucks

    My vote is for a new dodge van.
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    Production Trucks

    You will also need to live in it as wife will give you the boot!
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    Need quick ProTools help...

    So.. PT wasn't so bad after all.. what do you know?
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    Mbox 2 Pro or Apogee Duet & Logic Pro/Soundtrack Pro

    You mentioned you are doing post audio work.. If you are doing any film/video audio work, PT is a must! Digi paved the way in the early 90s.... something young people don't understand and old ones here forget. The price to run a PT system has never been cheaper!!!!! Oh, and by the way...
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    What do I need to record with Pro Tools 7?

    Owners that have hardware purchase the software separately from Digidesign. Anyone can purchase the software separately. Hardware can be purchased and sold used without software.
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    Which audio mixer console? $400 - $650

    TheJackAttack wrote: The ZED-R16 is another matter entirely. You might want to give out the manufactures name too
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    New Computer - Pick it apart

    What interface/type/cable are you planning to get 24+ tracks at 192 into the computer?
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    to DAW or not Daw, that is the question.........

    You would need at least one Protools converter. Go here for answers:
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    Pro Tools 8 notation help

    You are asking at the wrong forum.. go here:
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    Pro tools error "The operating system held off"

    One single plugin not up to date with the version of PT you are running will cause this.
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    audio interface preamp is very, very quiet?

    Is your mic cable XLR on the mic end and TRS 1/4 on the "D.I." side?
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    Protools Educational question...