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    Tascam M520 or Soundcraft 500?

    Hello everyone! I'm using a Fireface 800 to record, and I need more preamps because I would like to record my band live. I could buy preamps but as I don't have a console, I would like to buy one to use as premps and summing, and also to practice mixing. My budget is limited (500-700€)...
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    fireface 800, Host in red when playing music. Please help!!!

    Hi there, first as I'm french please excuse my english. I'm using Cubase sx 3 and I can record multitrack project easily, but when I want to listen to those tracks the sound stopped and the Host light is red! I can listen to a CD through Window media player but if I extract a song and...
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    Pro tools with analog mixer and gear

    Hello, I have noticed that a lot of studios have a G5 pro tools equipement and a great analog mixer like SSL neve or trident. Most of them are equipped with great analog preamp and comp too. So I'm wondering how those studios use PT and analog gears? I mean Do they first plug mics to...
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    Neve 44? any info?

    Hello, I'm new here and I love visiting this place! Well, I want to buy some Neve stuff and I'm very interested on getting a pair of 1073 but I saw in a site here in France (I'm french) that there is a Neve 44 mixer on sale. I don't have a lot of informations but I know that there is 20...