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    VST Plugins in PTLE :cool:
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    Pro tools LE multiple interfaces

    It is actually a VERY compact system ;) . The Amp Rack is the biggest part of the system (minus Speakers and Subs). The rest of the system is a regular ATX PC Case and a 12U SKB Rack. Having a single interface for Mixing the PA/Monitor/Phones and also for Recording is kind of cool, too...
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    Pro tools LE multiple interfaces

    Exactly. So DIY a PC for MUCH Cheaper (Like I did ;) ) . My sub $1000 DIY DAW is on par with a $3000-$4000 Creation Station in terms of performance and stability. My case was only $60, so they do have me beat there (mine is still pretty quiet). Granted, I do my own "Support", but I wouldn't...
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    Pro tools LE multiple interfaces

    Well, if I had $20,000 for a TDM rig with I/O, then i *Might* consider it. For my needs, Native is plenty powerful (I'm not doing 200 Track Scoring or anything like that). As-is, my Native setup is incredibly fast (I/O latency of about 3ms round trip), and was incredibly cheap considering...
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    Pro tools LE multiple interfaces

    Well, I run my main DAW in "Realtime" for my PA System. I feed the Mains, Monitors, my Shaker, and my HP mix natively. I don't even have a physical Mixer in my PA System! Nuendo mixes everything "Natively" (no "Dry" DSP Soundcard Mixing - I'm talking 100% "Native" to the CPU and back). I run...
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    SCA chassis?

    You'll love 'em! I do :)
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    pro tools or nuendo?

    I agree - Native is killer when done right with good hardware. Latency is not an issue with the big names like RME, etc (and used RME Gear is very affordable). One point to consider, I have heard from more than a few people that the Firewire option for the DM series mixers is awful. You...
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    Sound card for recording and transferring LPs to CD

    You could also buy one of those $99 USB Turntables if you aren't too worried about the quality... I believe the cheap Alesis USB Boxes have a direct RIAA Phono Input on them (IIRC). :cool:
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    Pro tools LE multiple interfaces

    Exactly - a good Native DAW can easily hold its own against a $10,000 TDM Rig, and Digidesign knows this - so they "Cripple" PT M-Powered and PT LE to force you to TDM/HD if you need more than 18 tracks... :cool:
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    VERY small onsite monitors?

    We use the 8020a's in a temporary Master Control Suite setup - and they still fill the room with sound! The low-end is obviously a bit weak, but the mid-bass on up sounds fantastic to me... Placing them in a corner will obviously help them couple with the room, and give you more low-end for...
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    PCI is superior to Firewire in terms of Latency and reliability/stability. Firewire relies on packet-based transfers, and this adds latency (must cache data to get it into a packet). Thisd also uses a bit of CPU power. PCI and now PCIe will always be the preferred I/O format for a serious...
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    New SKB case. Can't install equipment!

    The rack should have come with those clips like Sheet said. If not then: They are kind of a pain, but they eliminate stripped rack rails. If you strip one, just replace the "Clip". :cool:
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    Attn all RME HDSP Users: 3.01 Drivers are FINAL!!!

    Anyone running an RME HDSP card will CERTAINLY want to upgrade to these fabulous new drivers. They are much improved over the old 2.94 drivers from 2005, and allow lower latencies with less CPU Strain! 1.5ms should be attainable on most fast systems, and I'm presonally shooting to get the 0.75ms...
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    Any reccomendations on $500 SATA-II RAID-5/6 PCI-e Cards?

    Hey there, Big D. It has been a while indeed! Been busy with this and that - you know the drill. Nice to "see" you :wink: . I have not been able to surf as much from Work lately - hence my sparse postings around here... :roll: I went ahead and dove in on the Areca 1210 just a few hours...
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    pc vs mac

    Wow. OS-x on a PC. I might have to try that for kicks and grins :) :cool:
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    Any reccomendations on $500 SATA-II RAID-5/6 PCI-e Cards?

    Quick Bump. Does Sonica-X or ADK Audio still post here? I haven't seen them around lately... I guess my main concern is that these RAID cards are not awful for a DAW PC that is used for Mixing (not for Tracking). I already have a modest PCI-Express Video card in this PC, and adding a...
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    Any reccomendations on $500 SATA-II RAID-5/6 PCI-e Cards?

    What's up. :wink: Anyone have a good reccomendation on a $500 8-Port PCI-e SATA-II RAID-5/6 XOR Card? This will not be used on my Primary Tracking DAW, but on my Multipurpose PC (which also dabbles in some DAW stuff here and there - mainly mixing). I want a solid, FAST & reliable Back-Up...
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    Use 8-Ch Power Amp as a Headphone Amp (Transformers?)

    Thanks for all of your valuable input. I think I have a good handle on what I wanted to do, but it appears there is no perfect solution. I will try those trafos ( ;) ) you linked to and see what happens (they are cheap enough). The amp is pretty loud when directly driving the 24 Ohm Sonys...
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    John Hardy M-1 vs Twin Servo

    "Trafo" IS CORRECT Aferall!!! Sorry - but I had to dig this thread up out of hiding. Apparently, I was Flamed for using the abbreviation "Trafo" for Transformer in this thread, and I knew I had seen it used elsewhere. Kev informed me that trafo was indeed a standard abbreviation for...
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    Use 8-Ch Power Amp as a Headphone Amp (Transformers?)

    Alright. Thanks for the Trafo info! Maybe I will have to dig up that Thread where I was flamed for using that term, and shut them up :) So - I want 10Watts to be produced into a 24 Ohm Load. The amp puts out 10 Watts at 4 Ohms (roughly 6.32V @ 1.58Amps - I'd bet the amp does not have much...