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    Redirect to classifieds...Manley amps and speakers.

    (Dead Link Removed)#332177 Michael, go ahead and delete if inappropriate, just figured these were kind of specific to mastering...thanks!
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    Mix For Master

    In ProTools, DEFINITELY leave the fader at 0. If you hit the red, you're clipping. Bring everything else down a notch.
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    Suggestions please??

    If I were in your shoes, I would ask myself why (or why not) should the stuff be mastered? Better yet, what is the band trying to accomplish with a demo? Just get local gigs? Regional gigs? Local radio? College radio? etc., and budget accordingly. If it's just for fun or gig "auditions"...
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    Plextor Premium OS 10.3.8 Jam 6 Toast 6 Never had a problem. 8-)
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    Using Waves plugins for mastering

    :shock: Wow. Please do not listen to this advice. Nothing wrong with learning from presets as to how the plugins work, but to apply the BEFORE you fully understand what's going on, is not a good idea. Then again, it's just music and no one gets hurt, but if you want to "get good" at...
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    Help for a Noob

    You can do this by cheating a little bit in Pro Tools. If your settings are the same for every song, bounce them to disk using the appropriate conversion/dither combo to get it to 16-bit files. Next import your bounce into a new track in a new session. (new session for simplicity sake) Put...
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    Mastering philosophy...

    No, people are usually happy in the end. Sometimes antything I do is an improvement. It's a matter of how to approach it. When it's compilations, it's a little easier because when it's dealing with a producer/artist directly, there's always an amount of insecurity on their in "it...
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    Mastering philosophy...

    That's exactly the feeling I'm talking about. And since I charge by the project and not by the hour, I have THAT added dilemma. Where it's like I can spend FOREVER trying to get the boxy room reflections out of the vocals that were mixed too loud only to make more clear the distortion from not...
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    Mastering philosophy...

    So you get a bunch of songs that actually sound really bad - especially if it's a compilation and there's no one producer for each there's really no one to "look over your shoulder" much do you try to be a hero and how much do you just try to stay true to the original, warts and...
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    Plextor Reliability not so hot lately

    Tom took the words right out of my mouth!
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    Came home to find.......

    8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
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    Getting each track the same level!

    wait til you have a reason to drive for a hour or so. burn a disc, take it with you in the car. If you can listen to the disc at a reasonably low level with engine/traffic noise distracting you without having to adjust the volume after every track, then you're in the ballpark.
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    question on pre-mastered mixes

    If you can hear/identify what you're missing in the mixes, and can make it sound better in the mixing stage, then definitely do it that way. It's always best to make things sound good as early in the process as possible. The better the raw tracks, the easier and better the mix. The better...
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    Importing audio in Protools?

    You can do worse than that chain, though it's hard to say without hearing the mixes what the tunes need... I wouldn't use the multiband unless you have to (sibilance, etc.) And if you're using the multiband, don't feel the need to use ALL the bands. Only use the bands that are necessary to...
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    Came home to find.......

    Get a big dog.
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    Importing audio in Protools?

    I think it's absolute garbage. Pretty much all of it between step 1 and "Adjust the Out Ceiling slider of L2 to a value of -0.2"...then the rest of the article is crap, too. :oops: It's like cook meat, put it in a pan for 3 minutes. Turn it over, cook it for 4 minutes...
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    Importing audio in Protools?

    Once again, I just waited for someone more eloquent than me to reply to a topic, and both iznogood and Michael did it. :)
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    Importing audio in Protools?

    Just an alternative. You can import audio off CDs three ways. 1. "Import audio to track" from the "File" menu 2. "Import Audio from Current/Other Movie" in the "Movie" menu 3. "Import Audio" from the "Audio" bin tab.
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    Mastering with waves?

    The only plugs that are "important" as to where you put it are compression/limiting and dither. Dither should go post-fader no matter where you put it (if you're using a fader for any volume automation). So if you're using the track's volume fader to fade in or fade out, make sure you put...
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    converting a signal from MONO into STEREO, please help!

    There are two major questions I always ask myself when it's time to decide how to mic something is, "How dense will the mix be?" and "What are the physical/acoustical properties of the instrument?" If it's an solo acoustic guitar, I'd always put up a stereo pair, and maybe even room mics...