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  1. strings1

    Where to place mixing area and monitor speakers

    Hi everyone, I have a space that is available o use as a mix/tracking room. It is not ideal. It is in a barn. It has 2"x 6" framed walls and ceiling with pink insulation and 5/8" sheet rock interior. The out outside of all walls and roof is corrugated tin. I am attaching a screen capture of...
  2. strings1

    Audient 800 and Apollo x8p connectivity

    I looking for some input and suggestions. I am up grading my studio and plan to purchase an Apollo X8P. I also want to add an additional 8 XLR inputs. I am considering the Audient 800 to meet this need. Will this work or are there better options I should consider?
  3. strings1

    Getting 9126 Error in Pro Tools 8.0.4

    I recently purchased a Glyph external hard drive to dedicate as the recording hard drive. I had previously used the internal and then a Western Digital external hard drive. When I attempt to open files on the WD I get incomplete files-missing blank tracks. Then the screen to find files comes up...
  4. strings1

    Pro Tools and External Hard Drive

    I have been to Avid and posted there with not much help other than to be told I need to get a fire wire external hard drive. The issue is I cannot record to the USB 2.0 1 TB external hard drive I have now. I can save to it but can use it to record to. I have to use the internal hard drive and...