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  1. moonbaby

    How small could vocal booth be?

    ChrisC: "Wow...lots of bad info here." Really?????? Says who???? "Dry" and "neutral" is one thing, but attempting make the room "dead" is quite another. The smaller the space, the more the reflections cause comb filtering, resulting in a "nasally" sound quality. And no matter how directional the...
  2. moonbaby

    (term) Gobo

    Chris...I understand that Wikipedia states that the gobo "was originally a product of TayTrix", but this is misleading. Goboes have been used in recording studios going back to the ones in Les Paul's studio in the early 50s. Hellsbells, my dad and I made 4'x4' goboes out of 3/4" particle board...
  3. moonbaby

    Crest console question

    I can say that the Crest consoles were very well designed and built. I believe that they started off as Gamble desks and were known to be killer boards, then Jim Gamble sold the company to the investment group that started Crest amps. Massive power supply designs which yielded great headroom...
  4. moonbaby

    VO booth design

    So as I understand are going to stand/sit in a booth 5'x4'x6.5' do VO work? I believe that will be a pretty small area to try to get a natural, 'dry' sound in. Voices tend to be "chesty" and "boxy" sounding in a space that small. How are you going to get fresh air into that space?
  5. moonbaby

    Looking for information on an analog concept piece of equipment

    The original post stated that is system was "a couple of hundred dollars." CLASP is a $7500+ investment.
  6. moonbaby

    Studio Monitor Selection - A Mistake!

    Perhaps we should ask what his previous monitors were....? I've owned KRKs before, they weren't Genelecs, but they translated pretty well for what I needed them for...
  7. moonbaby

    What's the most ancient music gear you ever owned?

    57 Strat that I bought off of a merchant marine in 1972 for $50. Traded it too soon :) Ampex AG440 2-track recorder .Bought it in 1975 and it looked it had been through the Korean War, and spilled tape if you looked at it wrong (which I apparently did frquently...LOL) . My first recorder was a...
  8. moonbaby

    Grace Design m101

    Dave, good to hear you like their comp. I have been considering the standalone version to pair up with the 101. I don't get that the 500 series box - sans power supply - costs almost as much as the M102 - with its' built-in ps. In any case, very good stuff. Happy New Year to all !
  9. moonbaby

    Grace Design m101

    I use an M101 with an AKG C414XLS and a Sennheiser MD441 for various VO and singer/songwriter work. I also use it with a Beyer M160 for certain apps. Always clean and transparent, that pre more than any other I've used let's the source shine through. As for how it compares to a Focusrite, I can...
  10. moonbaby

    Another mic placement article I found for drums (with samples

    I happen to like Recordinghacks and that article is pretty good. I liked that they used a single pair of multi-pattern mics in so many ways to illustrate balancing the source vs. the room. Not to mention the fact that I have found ORTF to be ideal in a lot of the situations that I've run into...
  11. moonbaby

    Focusrite ISA 220

    I have a 430 and use it with a Presonus 16.0. You will be fine with the ISA220. I do like the downward expander for VO work, but the preamp/comp/EQ will serve you well. BTW, I believe that the 220 was only made in the UK, unlike their newer "II" models that are made in China. that looks like a...
  12. moonbaby

    StudioLive AI hybrid

    Kurt: "volts swing is what makes or breaks a board. most table top consoles fall on their faces on this point. " Truer words were never spoken. They don't make small boards like that anymore. What's somebody to do - slap a PM3K up on the table?
  13. moonbaby

    New videos

    Hi, Scott! Is his the project you told me about when you were down here for the Ramsa? Very nice. The recording is clean, well-balanced, great production. Like the way the song builds. Overall reminds me of some dude named Floyd..... jim
  14. moonbaby

    New Mixer...?

    I am only familiar with it because an aquaintance of mine used one on small live gigs. You might search for one on e-Bay. Frankly, I did not care for that line of mixers when they came out. They did not compare well to the Mackie line-up back then, probably why DOD dropped them and Digitech...
  15. moonbaby

    Analog Spring reverb decision

    If by "501" you mean the Space Echo tape delay machines they made in the 70-80's, I still have the "555" which has chorus and a spring reverb besides the tape delay. Other than that line, I am not familiar with another Roland spring reverb... BTW, the reverb in the Space Echoes is pretty lame...
  16. moonbaby

    Analog Spring reverb decision

    I have a 73 Fender Pro Reverb that I will ocassionally re-amp to....but I also have a Van Amps unit. The only issue that I have had with the Van Amps box is that the friggin' footswitch is on the box...everytime you kick it in or out the physical disturbance makes the springs "boing".... I have...
  17. moonbaby

    The Dangerous Compressor

    Love at first sight!
  18. moonbaby

    Has anyone heard of ClockAudio?

    Do search on "Miktek" and you'll see that Davedog replied to a post raving about the C5 SDC back in 2011. He also mentions another nice SDC, the A-T 4041 and 4051. I like the 4041, never tried the 4051. The 4041 is a real sleeper.
  19. moonbaby

    Has anyone heard of ClockAudio?

    Clock Audio was established in 1994, which was the same year that Harmon purchased AKG, so they didn't manufacture the original C451 because that mic was long gone by then and did not re-surface until a few years ago. I would be hesitant just because there are soooooo many nice options to...
  20. moonbaby

    Acoustic mic stands

    Well, to address the question: Probably not, but... That stand is designed to mic up drums, guitar amps, other sources that are low to the ground. You MAY be able to get the boom arm up high enough to position it where you need to for acoustic guitar. I use Atlas MS-25 stands with a boom arm...