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    Attn all RME HDSP Users: 3.01 Drivers are FINAL!!!

    Anyone running an RME HDSP card will CERTAINLY want to upgrade to these fabulous new drivers. They are much improved over the old 2.94 drivers from 2005, and allow lower latencies with less CPU Strain! 1.5ms should be attainable on most fast systems, and I'm presonally shooting to get the 0.75ms...
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    Any reccomendations on $500 SATA-II RAID-5/6 PCI-e Cards?

    What's up. :wink: Anyone have a good reccomendation on a $500 8-Port PCI-e SATA-II RAID-5/6 XOR Card? This will not be used on my Primary Tracking DAW, but on my Multipurpose PC (which also dabbles in some DAW stuff here and there - mainly mixing). I want a solid, FAST & reliable Back-Up...
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    Use 8-Ch Power Amp as a Headphone Amp (Transformers?)

    What's up? I just picked up a Lectrosonics PA-8 8-Ch Power Amp for peanuts on eBay. It is a 6w x8 @ 8Ohm, or 10w x8 @ 4Ohms power amp of very high quality. (Retail over $1300) I want to use this as an ultra high-headroom Headphone Amp (4 stereo...
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    "Posts Since Last Visit" Not Working?

    Hello all! It appears the "Posts Since Last Visit" is not Working. It brings back a blank page for me... Thanks :cool:
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    Anyone used the HHB "Classic 80" Pentode Mic Pre?

    Anyone used the HHB (TL Audio) "Classic 80" Stereo Pentode mic pre? Any comments? Thanks! :cool:
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    Laptops and Pentium Processors for on-site recording

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new laptop (my first laptop!). I need portability from my system, and I have also considered building a rack-mount PC, but a laptop is looking more and more appealing for a number of reasons. This will be a temprary setup (about a year or so), and portability...
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    ANOTHER Small-Format Digital Mixer Thread!!!

    Howdy, I'm looking for some recommendations and advice on picking up a USED small format digital mixer. x'scuse me while I ramble out loud: First off, my bands practice at the "Jam Room". We use a crappy Behringer MX-8000 for the PA, and for "Rehearsal Recordings". I also track our...
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    Avalon U5 Question (Mic Pre Interface for adding color?)

    Hello, I am seriously considering picking up the U5 for obvious duties on bass guitar. I know it works on other instruments and keyboards, too. For Mic'ed signals, does anyone run something like a Mackie preamp (off the insert) through the U5 to help add some color "on the way in" to the...
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    Will a Composite Video D/A work for Wordclock?

    Hello all, I am looking at getting an Apogee Rosetta (or simular), and I am also wanting this to serve as my "Master Word Clock" via the 75 Ohm BNC connections. I will need to distribute this signal to 3 or more devices, so I will need a Distribution Amplifier. Will a good Broadcast...