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  1. AudioGaff

    Some thoughts on gear.

    First, keep it in perspective. Voice over for a TV show is much different than vocals for a song or other mic pre duties. It is not just about specs or precieved quality. Maybe the Focusrite is used more because it better matches the mic pre used in location recording. Any decent high end mic...
  2. AudioGaff

    Site with blue book values for used audio gear?

    There is a blue book set for audio and music gear. It is by Orion, They may have web access by now. It is only a guide and the true value of many items are way out of wack. Before ebay it was the only source other than someone with direct used gear value experience. Music stores and pawn...
  3. AudioGaff

    Compressor with API

    Love the 525 comperessor. Loved it enough to buy a second one. They can be tricky to set up just right and many times it is simply not the right tool for the job. But I find it has real magic when used with a decent mic and works well with the 212, 312 or 512 mic pre. Usually not my choice...
  4. AudioGaff

    Will an ISA leave me wanting for more?

    I would skip any and all of the ISA stuff unless you can get it for dirt cheap. Even more so if you have ever heard the original Focusrite ISA mic pre module. The ISA 430 has a lot of features and flexability which is great, but the use and sound of those features isn't worth the asking price...
  5. AudioGaff

    Emu Emulator X3 with Sequoia 11 VST

    X3 requires a fast and defragged hard drive to stream the samples and an optimized PC no matter how fast or how many cores it has. Be aware that some of the optional smaller X3 banks can not just be moved or copied and have to unistalled and reinstalled to a new location. Also in the Prefs for...
  6. AudioGaff

    A different sound to complement the Focusrite isa 430 mk II

    API 7600 would be an ideal compliment to the Focusrite. You may very well want to dump that 430 MK II for another 7600 after you hear and use one.
  7. AudioGaff

    are there any QUALITY usb powered interfaces?!? (no wall warts plz)

    E-MU Tracker Pre for USB powered with power brick option, E-MU 0404 USB with power brick if you need MIDI and S/PDIF.
  8. AudioGaff

    Nagra v

    They are also used and very popular for location recording for sound effects, video's, movies, dialog and anythng that requires durable and reliable audio recording.
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    Need Help choosing My Studio monitors

    If you expected that type of answer than that is what you got. I'll give give you an opinion. At the price point you at looking at, they are all crap so it doesn't really matter which ones you buy so buy the ones that you think look pretty. Or, do the smart thing and save your money to buy...
  10. AudioGaff

    Need Help choosing My Studio monitors

    You can get hekp using the search engine as this is a sjubevt talked about quite a bit.
  11. AudioGaff

    Groove Tubes ViPre

    Your way out of the loop planet10. Groove Tubes is dead. It is unlikely that there will any new product developement ftom them in the forseeable future.
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    analogue summing question for users using analogue summing

    If the mix is imporant to you, don't limit your self to only one format. I mix back into the DAW, to a CD recorder, 2nd PC or laptop and sometimes even to a Tascam reel-2-reel tape or DAT machine (with external converters)
  13. AudioGaff

    Summing mixer

    Not trying to start any fight. Your angry and frustrated because you having a hard time trying to grasp it. I understand, it's cool. But I have much more imporatant things to do with my day than to come here and argue with someone that doesn't seem to grasp it. Maybe your just tryting to hard...
  14. AudioGaff

    Summing mixer

    The human ear or rather brain can perceive much more that we give it credit for, or that we are able to measure with our currently limited understanding of such things.
  15. AudioGaff

    Summing mixer

    Scott, you seem to like to put words in people's mouths. No one said you were stupid, though you seem to behave like you do. No one said you didn't know how to record. You keep changing the context to defend yourself. Just brush that chip off you shoulder - Bro. Digital summing and...
  16. AudioGaff

    Focusrite ISA 828 or Focusrite Octpre Mk2/Universal Audio 2-610

    No. While the Red is not the ISA from the orginal console where all the buzz came from, I feel that the Red is a legit spin off from that original design for limited mass production (not the same China mass production for the current products) The Red-7 was one of the first pro external...
  17. AudioGaff

    Focusrite ISA 828 or Focusrite Octpre Mk2/Universal Audio 2-610

    Don't be fooled with the Foscurite name, ISA label and blue paint. The current ISA products are not up to snuff of the orginal ISA sound, design and heritage. It is redesigned, rebadged mass produced mid level stuff.
  18. AudioGaff

    Summing mixer

    Lighten up. There was no direct attack. Your statement read that since you can't grasp it, it is safe to assume that is because you have no experience doing it and doing right. Because if you did, you would then, or should be able to grasp it. There is nothing to argue. You come to our...
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    Summing mixer

    Your a skeptic because you have not had any experince doing it or doing it right. When you have great outboard gear, it is very desireable and most often adds to a better mix than using half-ass crapy plugs that most people now use. With good to great converters you gain more than you loose...
  20. AudioGaff

    PMC TB1, amp suggestions please

    Good speakers deserve a good amp. Decent amps are about a $1 watt.