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    Are there proof that spotify normalize audio at -14LUFS?

    Are there proof that spotify normalize audio at -14LUFS? I did some empirical A/B comparison between mp3s donwloaded on my pc and audio streamed on spotify. I choosed this quite loud songs on pourpose: King of Convenience - Misread -10 LUFS Radiohead - Burn The Wich -9.5 LUFS Beck - Colors...
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    Mastering on Arcade Fire's Everything Now

    Anyone listened to Arcade Fire's Everything Now? I've been surprised to hear how quiet and dynamic this album is. I read it was mastered by Greg Calbi. Last The National's album is even quiter, is old fashion mastering a new trend among alt-rockers?
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    Question about changing sample rate "in the making"

    Hello I have a group of Cubase projects in 44.100/24 bit. They consist of mainly midi tracks of strings, drums, bass ( mostly VST Kontakt libraries) and a a few wav tracks of looped material. This projects should function as basic tracks for a recording session when vocals, guitar and piano...
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    Pls help to choose new audio interface

    Hello, it's been a while since my last post, it's a pleasure to be here again. I need a new audio interface with the following requirements: Under 1000 EUR Best audio quality possible at this price Windows 8.1 laptop based 4-6 inputs , 2-4 built in pre (I have some very good external pre )...
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    Controlling more programs with one Midi device

    Hello My question is related to Midi and not to Ableton strictly, and since I'm using Ableton I will post it here. I just downloaded Midi Automator, a program that should let me quickly switch between Ableton Live sets with a simple midi message, without even going near the computer. This...
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    Problem sending midi notes to external hardware in Ableton Live 9 Suite

    I want to use Ableton Live 9 Suite to play some background tracks while performing live. One track is configured to send midi notes to an external drum machine. This drum machine have a built in bass line that plays through a bass amp. I'm just interested in the bass line, wich is triggered on...
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    What's your opinion on Carvin mixers?

    Hello all Perhaps people in the US are more familiar with this brand. What's your opinion on Carvin mixers? In particular the C 3240 Concert series. It's a 32 ch, 4 group, direct outs, 6 aux, phantom power, pretty much everything I need, except phase switch. Any thought on construction,sonic...
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    Compressor pre or post mixer?

    Hello I have a question that may sound naive for many here. Since I felt that I needed something to control excessive signal peaks during tracking (especially while recording vocals), I thought a compressor was the tool I needed. The thing I bought is an Aphex Compellor 300, that should act...
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    Disk Peak / Audio drops in Cubase - please help!

    Hello I'm working on some Cubase sx projects that have recently rise to an high number of audio tracks, all in 48 Khz/32 bit float. In the last recording sessions I had an annoying problem: when I press the playback button the audio at some point drops for returning few seconds later. In this...
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    Echo Layla3G: Phantom Power doesn't work anymore

    Hello from Italy I'm using a Layla 3G since 2 years now, and it always worked perfectly, on many different configurations. I'm wondering if someone could help out with this problem: Yesterday I had a quite long recording session, at some point I switched off the microphone for change...
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    hiss/noise from the amps

    Hello Since a couple of days I'm having an annoing reverbered hiss coming out of the amps. This happens with ALL my 3 amps (1 solid state and 2 tube). I tried to change the cables, still no luck. This noise sounds sometimes like a reverbered feedback. When the amp is turned on with no...
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    infamous loudness

    Hello First of all I have to say that english is not my own lenguage, so please forgive me if some sentences in this thread seems a bit incorrect. My basic DAW is composed of an AMD Athlon 3500 pc ,1 GB ram, an Echo Layla 3G soundcard and a pairs or Event tr8 xl monitors. I work mainly with...
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    'Clips' recording with Cubase

    Hello I'm not that good in english, I will try anyway... I make music using Cubase sx and other tools, and often I record various instruments like guitars, bass and trumpet. Recently I had upgraded from Soundblaster Audigy to Echo Layla 3G soundcard, running on a AMD Sempron with 1Gb ram...