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  1. mobilelab

    Thinking about new DAW software

    I agree with Cucco regarding the strange workflow/graphic interface of cubase. To much emphasis on aesthetics. I disagree however with a comparison between sonar and cubase. I've been using cakewalk since cakewalk 7, and have upgraded through various versions of sonar. I feel the interface and...
  2. mobilelab

    Which Recording program and Computer do you use?

    Sonar 7 PE on a custom built PC w/ XP. I will upgrade to Vista as Microsoft and Cakewalk have been working together since the OS was known as Longhorn to develop 64 bit architecture.
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    I've distortion on a few songs using a limiter

    Real mastering usually takes place in a room that cost several hundred-thousand dollars to build, on another several hundred-thousand dollars worth of equipment, and at the hands and ears of someone with TONS of experience. I've seen Custom Built equipment even. Slapping a compressor on your...
  4. mobilelab

    pro tools or nuendo?

    Here comes my 2 cents... Sonar PE baby! I've used a bunch of DAW's incl. Protools and you will not find a better interface or smoother workflow. Oh, yeah, it's much more affordable.
  5. mobilelab

    Pre Mastering Levels??

    This is a very informative thread. I have one question: Do these rms and peak levels also appy to individual instrument tracks w/in the mix, or just the finished mix?
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    hip hop mixing

    For the past few months I've been mixing hip hop for some friends of mine. i have experience mostly with rock so i referenced quite a few brand new, mainstream hip-hop albums. This is where my questions lie: 1. It seems as though almost all( if not all ) of the instrumentation/vocals are panned...
  7. mobilelab

    cakewalk problem

    this may have nothing to do with cakewalk. If audio track isnt even available in your menu for inserting tracks, you should check your audio outputs and inputs for the computer itself, it sounds as though one may not be selected my 2 cents
  8. mobilelab

    Near Field Studio Monitor

    i just had to chime in here... after taking a 300$ budget to gc and scoping e-mu, maudio and krk, i instead went to a top of the line (home)audio store and picked up paradigm titanv.4's not exactly "pro monitors" but very neutral w/ low distortion i couldn't be happier
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    pc interface

    what kind of budget are you working w/?
  10. mobilelab

    Mixing issues -- help?

    imo, it doesnt sound all that bad. the kick drum was inaudible, but it works for the song and there was a little crackle/pop acton it should be great after a decnt mastering session this part may hurt, but i would retake the vocals as well the guitars sound good
  11. mobilelab

    Hard Drive(s) setup, please help...

    this was an extremely informative post, especially for one new to and also building my own rack as we speak while we're one the subject of harddrives, i figured i would ask whether anyone had heard of specific varieties of harddrives misbehaving with sonar 5 thanks
  12. mobilelab

    dithering explained

    thanks guys!
  13. mobilelab

    dithering explained

    hi i use sonar 4 and or cakewalk 9, depending on what computer i'm on(which is dependant upon which project i'm working on). i can set the bit dept of a song file, but have no idea how to return it to 16 for making cds. i've since read more in this forum, and it seems dithering is where i'm...
  14. mobilelab

    dithering explained

    Ok, i am about to prove how novice i am. Several of the programs and hardware i've come across cam process audio at higher sampling rates and bit rates than cd format 44.1/16 bit. I have recorded songs at 48k, and 24 bit, only to find myself unable to "bounce" it back to 44.1/16 bit. Is...
  15. mobilelab

    recording interfaces...

    thanks a bunch!
  16. mobilelab

    recording interfaces...

    so are you saying not togo with aardvark and try one of these?
  17. mobilelab

    recording interfaces...

    i was about to purchase an aardvark direct pro q10 8 channel pci interface, having heard a few recordings done w/ one. I liked what i heard, but the company has since gone bust, eliminating customer service. i would like the motu hd 192 of course but dont have the loot. i can get 2 q10's for...