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    power amp for subwoofer duty

    i've been on a kick checking out power amps to run my subwoofers. so i've read up on a few things and here are some of the amps i'm considering to run 2 or 4 cheap subwoofers, each at an 8-ohm load. Crown XTi4000 Crest VS1500 (if i use 4 subs i'll need 2 of these) QSC RMX series i...
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    presonus studiolive

    anyone see this thing yet? i just sold my Onyx 1640 in order to fund this upgrade. next to go: tons of rack gear i wont need. i'll let you guys know how it works out once i get it.
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    xmax preamps VS onyx preamps

    anyone have any comparative insights? i'm familiar with the Onyx pre's and like them a lot. but what about presonus' XMAX preamps?
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    radial direct boxes

    who uses them? do you like it? why or why not? have you used many other di boxes? how do the ProD1 and ProD2 compare to other boxes? thanks in advance,
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    m-audio DSM monitors

    anyone use them? know anything about them? what do you think?
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    presonus monitor station

    anyone know anything about it? anyone seen it yet? i'm looking for a monitor switcher, and everyone says the MPatch because it's passive. i looked all over and couldnt determine if this Presonus Monitor Station is active or passive. anyone know?
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    trs out of mic pre into mixer = bypass mixer pre?

    i do all my tracking with a mackie onyx mixer w/firewire if i buy a separate preamp (isa one, trident, whatever) then i obviously want to bypass the onyx pre. if i run the 1/4" output of a preamp into the 1/4" input of the onyx mixer, then i'm bypassing the onyx's preamp, is that correct...
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    everything you know about CAD equitek series

    thoughts? i've heard good things about the e-100 on almost everything except vocals. i have no hands-on experience with any of the Equitek mics.
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    overpower/underpower monitors

    everyone knows the old "better to overpower than underpower" saying when it comes to passive speakers. but WHY? when your amp is way overrated for speakers , you use the trim knob to keep from blowing speakers, right? (for example, if your amp pushes 1000w and your speakers handle 250...
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    insert cable woes..

    ok so i just ordered a 12ch insert snake (12 trs -> 24 ts) off ebay and it showed up. great start right? well it's labeled poorly! i can get corresponding channels because all ends are color coded. BUT there's no differentiation between the TS ends. so how to i fix this? will trial...