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    Interface help...Beware, I'm a newb.

    I switched from PTLE and a 002 to Logic and an Apogee Ensemble, couldn't be happier. Does PTLE8 have auto plug in delay compensation yet?
  2. J

    Upgrading Interface and Monitors

    Can you use other interfaces besides m-audio or digidesign with protools?
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    Mackie HRMK2 824 624 Monitors

    Love mine, they translate well if the room is good and work really nice with the Mackie sub which is great for dialing in stuff below 80hz or so. I can listen to music for a really long time on them without feeling fatigued. I would advise finding a few music stores that have a decent room and...
  4. J

    Mixing question.

    Not sure but you would likely get a better response at the digidesign forum, not trying to be rude just helpful.
  5. J

    Building to Begin Spring '09 - ICF shell

    New to this forum but really enjoying these massive project threads, so damn cool!
  6. J

    Which pc to use?

    Man I haven't worked on a PC in about 8 years but I would say try the desktop since you can wipe it clean and keep it bare bones. Good luck!
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    iMac and Pro Logic 9 for recording?? Help!

    Nice buy, I love Logic!! There are some really great Logic forums out there, be sure to search them out.
  8. J

    Mic preamp Wish List

    I have the model with 2 Burr Browns, there is a bit of a difference between the two. I will try to do some ab tests tonight and let you know a better description of what I hear.
  9. J

    Mic preamp Wish List

    Just got they Sytek MPX-4A and really like it a lot on drums and percussion. Pretty inexpensive since you buy directly from them and you can call em and they answer their phone right away. :)