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    Midas Venice and Live - Questions!

    so next, question. it comes in five parts :) --- lets say i have tracks 1 - 4 as a small kit. they're all going into stereo. and i can hear them out my master, no problems. but if i switch them to mono and raise the mono fader (yellow) i get nothing. what am I doing wrong? --- then, the...
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    Cheap DAW System Advice

    So I got a few hundred dollars to spend on my studio set-up, all in the name of some deep house and dirty techno. I have say $300. Obviously I'm not looking for pristine audio quality here. I have some decent plug-ins and my midas f24 lets me take advantage of that along with some cool modules...
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    Midas Venice and Live - Questions!

    thank you very much for the reply. that really helps clear things up for me. i get the sense you don't own one yourself so that makes this all the more impressive! i might have to hit you up with one or two more question sin the future but i'm gonna try muddle through things on my own for a while.
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    Midas Venice and Live - Questions!

    So as part of 2013's plan to get OTB as much as possible I got myself a Midas Venice F24. It's my first ever mixing console and I wanted to make sure to get the best I could. It is awesome. I'm running a 12U Euro set-up into it plus a Tanzbar and a few synths. As a purely analog solution it is...