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    HELP! How to route tracks in DAW to outboard mixer!!

    You've clearly been a victim of professional assistance. i'm deeply sorry, I think none of us realized who you think you are and have treated you with great disrespect. just disregard everything we've said and carry on with your manual automations. And its probably best to keep those videos of...
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    HELP! How to route tracks in DAW to outboard mixer!!

    the purpose of sending back into the daw is so that your final stereo mix is included in your session.
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    HELP! How to route tracks in DAW to outboard mixer!!

    Why are all the outputs on ur mixer being used. I get sending 8 ch from the interface into the mixer but why use six sends to send all 8 tracks back to the daw? U should be summing to 2 tracks with the mixer. All ur aux outs should be available. Are there aux returns on the mixer? If ur tracking...
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    Distorted guitar .. compression?

    U need to dial the amp in while listening to the sound in context. Boss makes a parametric eq pedal that is great for extra eq on guitars. Tube screamers, rats, fulltone fulldrives, mxr red, etc... These pedals apply heavy amounts of compression. Good for guitar leads. Back the mic off the...
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    Room Sampling For Convolution Reverb

    ok.. one more thing.. in voxengo.. I generate a 15 second sweep and when I play it.. no matter from what part it starts with a "click" sound.. like a square wave type click.. should I worry about that? do others hear that? I could send or upload the sweep that I am getting if someone wants to...
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    Room Sampling For Convolution Reverb

    cool.. thanks so much.. the deconvolver program makes sense once I look at it.. input test tone and recorded mic.. then it can use some form of common mode rejection to take out that test tone, maybe. thanks again!
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    Room Sampling For Convolution Reverb

    can someone please go over the process of sampling a room to use in a reverb program like waves IR-1? Step by step, maybe?
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    Mixing on purpose

    try this book
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    I am building a studio from ground up, any tips?

    I personall like the one room approach. I like to be close to the musicians. I think when you are working with limited space you create more sonic options with one bigger room. Baffels are a wonderfull thing and usually do the trick, once you get the hang of it, for isolation. The AC is very...
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    I am building a studio from ground up, any tips?

    I definatly agree. Anyone building a room should read The Master Handbook of Acoustics. A good understanding of what treating a room is, is very important. I have found hundreds of detailed plans online of how to build things. And the book I mentioned has lots of plans in it too.
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    I am building a studio from ground up, any tips?

    research how to and build your own acoustic treatments.
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    multiband compression

    I would say if you want to, mess with it all you want and use your ear to decide what works and what doesnt. I really have no idea what mastering guys do as far as mbc. I use them for lav mics and headsets in a live setting.
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    is an adat all i need?

    i know once I got the clocking issues worked out I gained all kinds of confidence about trusting my gear. And the sound quality improved. Getting all that usb, firewire, blah blah working is hard at first but once you get it, I cant imagine wanting an adat anymore. And, the lightpipe transfer...
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    Compact mixer options other than Mackie

    The little Midas boards are absoultly the best small board, but as was stated, ... Its not really like buying a small board. They are basically little XL4s, or 3s, or H3ks. Although... FYI, the aux return channels sound like $*^t compared to all the mic inputs. Anyway... Crest makes some...
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    Drum effects

    I'll be honest, I have noticed reverb peaks before in my mixes. So I just turn down the send and loose some of the effect I wanted cause I thought I had to. But it never really occured to me to compress the send into the unit. Now that I know, I cant believe I never thought of it, cause it...
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    Last Step

    I have had a few whole cds mastered for 3 to 4 hundred bucks by nashville guys. Some better than others, but all improved the overall product. And I agree with most, once youve recorded it, done hours of overdubs, and mixed it, its hard to listen like youve never heard it before. I guess...
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    file compression

    thanks falkon2, I will look into all that. please tell me to shut up if this about to get messy, but, what types of drives are you using? USB, Firewire, blahdrives. I am just talking PC here. I have been looking at some usb2 drives. But they seem to cost more than I want to pay...
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    file compression

    so what you are talking about is part of wavelab, right? Wavelab is made by steinberg? Steinberg makes Nuendo (what I got). I cant find anything about this in nuendo. I figured that there would be a third party progrram for this by now.
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    file compression

    What program are you using to compress your audio files for storage? Win-zip?
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    Money Mic Pres on drums?

    I love setups like that. I try to use that and variations of that every time. But, I have found that when the player doesnt understand the whole idea behind drummers mixing their own drums while they are playing, then I like to have mics on everything with as much isolation between them as I...