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  1. Michael Fossenkemper

    advertising our recording services online

    Good to see that my account is still active, my avatar looks a little odd though. Hi Thomas, hope all is well. Let me address a few comments and some observations. The biz is different, no questions about it, and it's been changing for some time. For those that have been around, this forum as...
  2. Michael Fossenkemper

    Apple Releases "Mastered for iTunes"

    Basically what it does is gives you the AAC codec and measures peaks and inter-sample peaks before and after the codec while being able to listen to the before and after. The encode and decode will generate as much as 1.5db peaks so they give you a loop through plugin to monitor and listen so...
  3. Michael Fossenkemper

    Most Useful Analog Equalizers

    It's more like tiny knobs for freq and pretty much no way to match left and right. I would peg it as a M/S box with killer low end.
  4. Michael Fossenkemper

    Most Useful Analog Equalizers

    I believe it removed the tube section, but just going on memory. I do know it sounded great though. You still have to deal with the crapy knob situation though, pretty much sucks in that category.
  5. Michael Fossenkemper

    Most Useful Analog Equalizers

    The forssell board is the bomb. Great bottom end. Way up in my list.
  6. Michael Fossenkemper

    Looking for a Weiss answer - To digital or not to digital

    The DS1 has a lot of latency so it's really unusable for tracking, mixing you have to compensate. The DS1 MK3 is the newest version and it's probably the most powerful/complex box i've run across. There are just a ton of parameters and if you kick it into M/S mode... well you get the picture...
  7. Michael Fossenkemper

    AES 2011

    Remy, sorry I missed you. I must have been sitting down eating my $10 hot dog. I was going to go for multiple days, but after half of one day, didn't see the need. Protools 10 was probably the biggest draw and it crashed twice in the 15 minutes I was standing there. The coolest thing I saw there...
  8. Michael Fossenkemper

    AES 2011

    Who went to this years AES show? What were your thoughts about it? In general, I was kind of disappointed. Not that it was probably the smallest show I've ever seen, that's to be expected under the circumstances. What baffled me was that AES in general is operating like it's 1992. They are...
  9. Michael Fossenkemper

    Preparing Songs for Mastering

    I agree with Richard, your best bet is to pick up the phone and ask them, then you'll begin the process of getting on the same page. Compression is not a bad thing, I don't know why there's this belief that compression is bad. Over compression for the sake of volume, maybe not so good. Don't be...
  10. Michael Fossenkemper

    DDP Mastering Explained

    DDP is definitely the future/present. Not only does it contain all of the data, but it can also have a checksum which makes sure everything is there. Much better than a redbook CD. The US is starting to embrace it more, the rest of the world more so.
  11. Michael Fossenkemper

    The most useful compressor?

    For me, the Weiss gets used the most.
  12. Michael Fossenkemper

    Dithering necessary?

    It's a bad habit to do without at the final stage. Hopefully you won't always be working on less than ideal projects.
  13. Michael Fossenkemper

    Dynaudio BM6A vs BM15A

    have you got the speakers in yet? would be curious as to your thoughts on them.
  14. Michael Fossenkemper

    Dynaudio BM6A vs BM15A

    I always hate putting new drivers in and trying to get them to the point where I can work on them. I don't use pink for the reasons john gave. I just grab a stack of CDs and play them for awhile. Its fun to listen to them bloom as they break in.
  15. Michael Fossenkemper

    Are there professional grade audio files for mix comparison?

    I put together a CD for myself, mostly for listening to new monitors that I come across. It has everything from great to ugly. I find the really horrible stuff to be more revealing. The sales guys look at me a little strange though when I pop out their Steely Dan CD and play the most God awful...
  16. Michael Fossenkemper

    Best Sounding CD Ever?

    Def Leppard Hysteria is still my favorite over produced album.
  17. Michael Fossenkemper

    F-1 Transfer

    I'm surprised the tapes will even play after all this time.
  18. Michael Fossenkemper

    F-1 Transfer

    Nice, be sure to hook a dot matrix printer up to it to keep it real.
  19. Michael Fossenkemper

    F-1 Transfer

    going for that warm digital sound?
  20. Michael Fossenkemper

    Mastering Desk

    I'd much rather have a desk in front of me than one ear getting yelled at or cocking my head to one side... kind of... to hear stereo. YMMV.