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    Room Sampling For Convolution Reverb

    can someone please go over the process of sampling a room to use in a reverb program like waves IR-1? Step by step, maybe?
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    file compression

    What program are you using to compress your audio files for storage? Win-zip?
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    sub harmonic synths

    OK.... I got one of these from a friend to try and modernize some rock stuff. How are they to be used. Kick, floor toms.. what about bass? Should you compress the return? What freq should I start around, the one I got doesnt say it goes as low as the DBX unit I have seen, but when listening...
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    de-essing school

    I have always had problems de-essing. I cant seem to get it to work right. People tell me to de-ess around 1.6 - 3k. BUt the freqs i hear jumping out are higher like 6 - 8k. I have a avalon 737, which should de-ess perfectly, according to the manual. By time I get the comp to kick in on the...
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    What's the big deal about Monster Cable?

    People are always talking about monster cable making thier speakers sound better. Whats the deal?
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    Mackie Digital 8 Buss

    Who is using the D8B and what do you think of it so far? What are you recording to? Any tips on setting it up? How many MFX and UFX cards do you really need? Is the automation smooth enough to use? Any software limitations or bugs that cause headaches? I've talked to dealers and reps and...
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    RNC Reviews

    So what is the deal with the RNC. Can a compressor this inexpensive really be any good? I have seen many of you mention it from time to time. What are you using it on and how much are you letting it work?
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    Which Lucid?

    Fletcher, I've seen you mention that you liked the Lucid converters. Which unit(s) have you heard. I'm thinking about ADA1000 and the 9624 pair. Is the 9624 worth the extra $1000+?
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    Anybody ever heard of Dan Alexander?

    I am thinking about buying a NEVE 1272 racked by Dan Alexander. I was wodering if anyone has seen his work? It seems to cost a lot less than the same thing racked by Brent Averill or David Marquette. Just looking for some info.
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    First mic pre

    I currently do not have a good mic pre. I was wanting some ideas on what to get started with for around $1500. The only thing I've found so far is a Manley mono unit for around $1300. What is thought about this unit? What would be better. Keep in mind that whatever I get will be my "go to"...