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    teac model 5 help... please

    i just got a teac model 5 in from ups. mixer is in great cosmetic condition. the only thing is that when i flick the power switch, the vus and lights flash for a second and then go dead. it is not connected to anything as of right now. it is just plugged in to the wall socket. does this thing...
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    monitor placement height

    i am looking to get some stands for my v8s i have a desk that will not support the weight of these things.... i have a computer desk, not a desk specifically designed for audio what i was using was some speakers placed on top of platforms, which are part of the desk, but are really flimsy...
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    krk v8 cables

    i have a pair of v8s coming to me and i need to purchase cables my sound source will be from an aardvark q10 which has no xlr outs do i need special cables, say 1/4" to xlr, or will regular 1/4 to 1/4 be fine? any suggestions on what kind to get? my technical knowledge on cable is not so...
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    used monitors

    would you buy some? of course buying new would be ideal, but if budget doesnt allow it... wold you go used or buy a cheaper new? thanks by the way, i am looking at some used krk v8s
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    SP C1 through an avalon 737

    anyone used this combination? how does it sound? any sample audio online? sorry for posting this in two forums.... i accidentally put the other one in alans forum peace
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    Aardvark Q10 and preamp help

    I am not sure if this is the right forums to post this I just got a studio projects vtb-1 and i am wondering what would be the best way to connect it to the Q10 should i run through the inserts or the inputs on the front of the interface? is anyone else using these two in conjunction with...