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  1. simman

    Mackie 8 Bus noise - help

    Does the board produce this noise with nothing connected to the inputs? I've not owned this mixer but I seem to recall that noise on the 8 group buses was a major knock on the board. The other thing which can cause this problem and is a pain to find, is/are a ground loop.
  2. simman

    My version of "last few hours of a mix"

    Very good mix the only thing that tweaks me (a personal thing) is I think the snare could use more crack.
  3. simman

    Please check the low end on this?

    Really nice mix! Lows sound fine to me.
  4. simman

    Critique This Mix

    Nice job on the song...Rhythm Guitars a bit loud or at the very least could use some volume automation and the drums sit a bit far back in the mix.
  5. simman

    JBL LSR Monitors - Sticky Mess

    Had the same problem used the solvent and problem gone! Pain in the ass but it worked.
  6. simman

    DAW systems

    PT 10 w/production tool kit here - no better than any other DAW. That being said I'll never upgrade to newer version since avid decided to stop supporting my (pro control) control surface. I've tired Reaper but didn't really liked it but there are a lot of people who do - just not my...
  7. simman

    Have You Ever Wondered: Would Love Mix and Compositional Feedback (performance too).

    I like the song and think it has real potential. I agree with the comment about too much high pass on the LD vocal. I do agree that the mix is balanced but to me it just seems to lack overall dynamics/emotion. The song starts at a pace and never really seems go anywhere, IMO. Granted some...
  8. simman

    Mix Advice

    Great idea!!!
  9. simman

    What's the most ancient music gear you ever owned?

    Here's's my ear and as you can tell from all the gray hair, it's pretty old.