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  1. Cucco


    Just curious - Is everyone still enamored with Sebatron as they used to be around here? I'm looking at adding some "colored" pres to my classical recording stuff and thinking that these might give me what I'm looking for (clean when I want it colored when I want it...) Thoughts?? J
  2. Cucco

    Production Trucks

    Does anyone here have any experience setting up a production truck? I know Remy does - perhaps you'd be willing to share.... I'm looking at setting one up. I figure I can go one of a few different ways: 1 - a small box truck (~12-14 feet - diesel) 2 - a tow behind trailer (6*12) 3 - a...
  3. Cucco

    Need quick ProTools help...

    Hey guys - Just a quick question - I'm working on PT LE 8 at the moment and need to export all of the files (audio and MIDI) so that they're all indexed to 00:00:00 and are all equal lengths in WAV, BWF or AIFF format. Does anybody know the commands in PT LE 8 to do this? Thanks! J.
  4. Cucco

    True Systems - Sorry....I was WAY wrong

    Okay, so a good many a time have I been on this website stating my displeasure with my previous experiences with my True Systems Precision 8 - how I thought it was brittle and edgy. I humbly beg True Systems' apology and completely and totally recant all of my previous comments. The True...
  5. Cucco

    Line/Summing Mixer ideas (Speck v. Dangerous)

    Hey guys - I'm in the market for a line/summing mixer so that, while I'm doing location recordings, I can take 2 feeds from the pre - 1 going into the DAW discretely, the other set going to a summing box, into a nice AD and then into a 2 track recorder (for both back up or...
  6. Cucco

    New Computer - Pick it apart my first on location computer was a cool little micro ATX in an Antec Aria. It worked great (still does - I use it in my studio as the main machine). However, it's pretty far from quiet and it is a pain to haul around. Plus, adding extra cards - nah...there are 3 slots available and...
  7. Cucco

    Kudos to Zilla

    In case you guys haven't seen lately, a lot of "big box" stores are carrying LPs this year for the holidays (maybe permanently??) Anyway, I just picked up the remaster of U2's Joshua Tree - Assistant Mastering Engineer and tech credited as Scott Sedillo - AKA "Zilla." The album sounds...
  8. Cucco

    Anybody seen these knock-offs? Seriously - they even call the 805D's. How is there not a lawsuit??
  9. Cucco

    Longest tube cable runs

    Anybody have any information or thoughts on the longest run of cable between a tube mic and the power supply? Just curious...
  10. Cucco

    Firewire 3200

    Well, it looks like FW3200 (allowing 400 MB/Sec transfer rates) is on its way. Perhaps as early as Februare 2008, the standard may be ratified by the IEEE. I wonder what implications this will have on the audio world.... Hmmm....32 channels of bi-directional DSD 5.6Mhz....twould be nice.
  11. Cucco

    FW400 or FW800 to PCMCIA or ExpressCard Slot

    Hey guys - Anybody know of a specific (Brand and Model) board which works well? I prefer the TI chipset, but have found that the RME Fireface is less picky than others, so any one that works solidly would be great! Basically, I think I'll need a ExpressCard to FW400 or FW800 adapater...
  12. Cucco

    ProTools question

    Okay - so I have a fairly simple question for some of you who would probably slap me for asking such a dumb question...but I don't use PT, so I don't know the answer. I have client who wants several tracks mixed. They were recorded on PT HD3 and I use Sequoia. Could I get PTLE with...
  13. Cucco

    PCMCIA Firewire

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a good one? Obviously the TI chipset would be preferred, but since viewing the board is impractical, it's tough to tell which one. Cheers - J.
  14. Cucco

    Got the RME Fireface 800...

    and loving it so far! In the process of trying to scale down, I'm moving to Firewire and a laptop instead of Lynx AES 16 cards and a desktop and monitor... The conversion in the RME is surprisingly QUITE nice. I got it so that I could do the extra optical inputs from my other converters...
  15. Cucco

    Pet Peeve - Pirated Software

    Okay - I know I've harped on this before, but I'll do it again. Don't come here and talk about your software or anything else for that matter if you haven't actually bought your software! It's insulting to those of us who have and put serious money and time into recording for some schmo off...
  16. Cucco

    JBL Location Monitors (4326)

    After it was brought up in this thread: (Dead Link Removed) A few people asked me about the JBL monitors. I've had them for about 2 weeks now and feel that I can begin to adequately judge them, so I'll give a quick run-down. The speakers in general feel VERY substantial given their...
  17. Cucco

    Question for 'Anxious' (Ken)

    Ken - I'm curious about something regarding my 2.5i's. For a while, I had them bi-amped using 4 of the 5 channels from a Rotel Amp. I recently purchased a B&K amp (2 Channel) to complement my setup and went to bi-wire. I really prefer the sound of the biamping however (it seems to have a...
  18. Cucco

    LPs (Vinyl for the young'ens)

    Couple things on the subject- I finally have my turntable up and running now that I finally have a good phono preamp and I've been digging through all my old records. I've come to some conclusions. 1 - London records suck... FFRR or Phase 4 Stereo BLOW! There's so much distortion...
  19. Cucco

    My quest for new monitors

    Please pardon a potentially lengthy post. I have been searching for a while now for new monitors for mastering. I enjoy my NHTs, but I find them to be a tad forward in the upper register, translating into fatiguing sound after a few hours of working on them. Also, they are phenomenal at...
  20. Cucco

    Consistent Burning Results

    Hey all - Just thought I'd share (I like to do that...) I've been testing a lot of different discs on a lot of different speeds to get the best results and I think I have found what works for me so far. (It should work for you too - all the tests I did were at least performed twice to...